3 possible reasons you are not reaching your goals!

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On the journey to our dreams, we all come up against bumps, challenges, and blocks. Often we are able to overcome them and reach our goals. Then there are times when despite our best efforts we end up going in circles, or find ourselves in a pattern that we cannot seem to break free from and we feel stuck!

Does this resonate with you?

  • You have a goal (a health goal, relationship goal etc.) you have been trying to achieve
  • You are feeling frustrated not getting there yet
  • You have been trying many different things to help yourself
  • You don’t know what else you can do
  • You are beginning to wonder if you are going to be stuck here forever!

Well, the good news is that you don’t have to stay stuck. As they say “everything is possible” and indeed there is a way out. Only sometimes our efforts needs to be re-directed on the right track. So if you have tried several different things OUT THERE and are not seeing results, you need to tune your attention inward and see what’s going on IN THERE- inside of you.

Here are 3 possible reasons keeping you from your goal!

  1. Your Priority Level for your goal

Is your goal a priority for you? Where does it rank on your priority list? Are you taking time each day to move in the direction of this goal? Or do you find that there is so much to handle that you never can get to take any action for this goal? Everything else on your list takes up your time?

I have met people stuck in chronic physical pain, and the pain is interfering in many key areas of their life, the medications aren’t providing the relief they want, yet their busy schedules, or putting others need in front of their own, doesn’t allow them to invest time to get the help they are aware that is out there and that they need. They say “sometime soon” when they have more time, they will get to it!

Remember, if your goal isn’t a top priority on your list, it will not be top priority on the universe’s list either. When you make it your TOP PRIORITY and CREATE TIME to work on it, the Universe does all it can to support you in reaching that goal too!

  1. Your Self-Talk about your goal

What do you say to yourself when you think or talk to yourself about your goal? Do you find yourself stuck behind the “Yes, BUT…” or “WHAT IF” objections? Examples:

  • Yes I want to…BUT… (lots of reasons why this is not possible)
  • I’d love to …… BUT…. I don’t have support/ the right skills, the certification, my kids, my family, my boss, my nation, (and many other reasons why you can’t) etc…
  • If I do this…WHAT IF x,y,z, happens? or they judge me?, they don’t agree?, I fail?, No one shows up? Things go wrong etc.

When you are circling around the “Yeah, But…”, “What If” scenarios, you are sending mixed messages to the universe about what you truly want. When you harbor fears, doubts, mixed feelings, thoughts, beliefs about your goal, the results you get are a total match to that vibe. So you end up with mixed up, unclear results!

It is truly important to reflect on what you are feeling, saying, thinking about your goal, release the negative scenarios you play in your head and give it a go!

I sometimes imagine the worst-case scenario in my head. I really feel into how it will feel to live this worst-case scenario. When I do that, the fear loses its grip. It starts to dissipate. It doesn’t feel like the end of the world anymore! Soon I can feel a shift within and as this fog lifts I feel new energy to move forward and take clear decisive action toward my goal!

  1. Your Commitment level for your goal

Are you ready to do “whatever it takes”, commit a 1000% to reaching your goal? Or are you 50-50 about reaching it? Are you ready to spend time, energy, money achieving that very important goal?

I once signed up for working with a mentor for a year. She was based in LA. This was an online group-coaching program. Since all the other participants were based in USA and only I was in Thailand, I had to wake up at 3am once a week for a whole year to access those group- coaching calls! And I did! It was THAT IMPORTANT and I was THAT COMMITTED to it!

When your heart and soul are not in it, you will give up if the going gets tough.

It is those that refuse to give up, even if in the beginning they don’t see the results, or when things get too challenging and stay committed, that are able to reach their goals! If your commitment level is anything less than a 10 on a 0-10 scale, that is how your results will also be!

So in summary, to achieve your goals take time to tune in and reflect a little deeper :-

  • Make sure you are crystal clear about what you want, make it your top priority and create time in your schedule for taking action!
  • Become aware of any negative self talk, or negative scenarios you are playing in your head about this goal and let them go! Begin taking small steps.
  • Stay committed, no matter what happens. Stay open to the challenges. You will bless them one day for all the valuable stuff you learnt along the way!

There may be several other components that may also impact your journey to your goals but in this article I have addressed 3 common yet important reasons that once handled will get you moving on a much faster track to your dreams!

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