3 Reasons Why Your Chronic Pain Isn’t Healing!

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If you are reading this, chances are that you are, or someone you care about is:

  • stuck in chronic pain
  • trying different medications, treatments to get relief but not seeing significant shifts in your pain levels
  • feeling frustrated, hopeless, helpless because the pain is now negatively impacting your professional work, your family life, your physical activities, social life and maybe even your self worth!
  • feeling dis-heartened thinking why when you are doing everything the experts are telling you, you are not seeing the results?

So what’s really going on? Why aren’t the docs suggestions, the medications, the treatments bringing significant relief?

That is exactly what I was wondering almost a decade ago as I was told to quit my job and be on bed-rest indefinitely by medical pain experts who I had been consulting for my disease and chronic pain! Despite just being on bed-rest, the pain intensity kept increasing gradually.

Luckily for me, I attended a self-awareness seminar and learned something that NO DOCTOR had ever told me! This one key message then changed EVERYTHING! I learned that ‘YOU CREATE YOUR LIFE WITH YOUR THOUGHTS AND YOUR DIS-EASE TOO!’

Really??? I thought back then. Why would I create my disease? I’m working SO HARD to be free from my pain! Why would I possibly do this to myself? Are they kidding me?  But I stayed open to this view (since all the other door seem to have closed on me), and asked the seminar host what I could do about my chronic pain. He suggested I try EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). And I did. Using this weird and awkward looking technique, I eventually healed myself completely from my pain and disease!

So I want to share with you today, 3 things about your Chronic Pain that your doctor may not tell you (because probably he/she too may not be aware):

  1. Your Chronic Pain is inseparable from your Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Pain! In my experience, all pain is inter-related. We are TRIUNE BEINGS – mind, body, spirit. You cannot separate these three into individual, separate boxes that have nothing to do with each other! If you find you are stuck in Physical Pain, there is ALWAYS an EMOTIONAL, MENTAL, SPIRITUAL aspect to it. If you have an EMOTIONAL PAIN, that inner dis-ease, discomfort disturbance, will eventually add up and show up as PHYSICAL PAIN or PHYSICAL DIS-EASE too.Yes even when your pain is a result of an accident, or a physical injury, you still need to address ALL the other different aspects for you to experience lasting relief!
  1. Your CHRONIC PAIN is a SIGNAL from your body. Any pain you experience is your body signaling to you. It’s saying:
    “Pay Attention”!! “Something within is off balance!”
    Most of the time we think of our “physical pain” as a “problem” that we need to get rid of!  We see it as a nuisance as it limits us and keeps us from engaging in activities freely. We want to “fix it”!  Sadly, that is the way we have been conditioned to look at it. We see it as a “physical”, “structural” problem. We see it as something that “happened to” us, and not by us of course! Yes! Yes! Yes! You did not do this to yourself purposely!  It’s just that we really don’t understand HOW our thoughts do really create our life  even though tons of books have been written on this topic.After healing myself and a thousand others now, this I know for sure:
    Your body speaks your mind. It tries to find ways to let you know what is going on WITHIN YOU via different symptoms. It may alert you initially through soft whispers, small symptoms. If you ignore it, it tries to get your attention by speaking louder, through bigger symptoms, and if you keep trying to get rid of the pain, without listening to its CORE MESSAGE, the pain gets even louder through even bigger symptoms.Your Chronic Pain is like your body screaming out loud trying to alert you saying:  “HEY! PAY ATTENTION OR ELSE….  “ But the warning is not to go and do something “outside”. But attend to the pain “inside” of you!

    So what exactly do we need to pay attention to? How do we know what it is that we need to look into?
  2. PAIN QUESTIONS YOU NEED TO ASK YOURSELF TO DISCOVER THE CORE MESSAGE OF YOUR PAIN! Many doctors view PAIN as a PHYSICAL SYMPTOM and try to “treat” that physical symptom with medications etc. without addressing the CORE UNDERLYING ISSUES. They are looking at the PHYSICAL, TECHNICAL STRUCTURAL aspects of the Pain and treating that. They may ask you on a scale of 0-10 how much pain you feel physically! And even though the medicines they prescribe for “treating” or “fixing” that physical pain may seem to work for a bit, and then intensity lessens or the pain seems to be gone. It truly hasn’t if the underlying issue hasn’t been addressed! If so, that un-addressed pain gets stored in your cells, adds up over time, weighs your immune system down and eventually shows up again in new stronger ways.So to address the ROOT or UNDERLYING issues behind your Pain , ask yourself these deeper Pain Questions:


These kind of ‘deeper pain questions’ will give you CLUES to help you uncover the REAL PAIN that needs to be addressed before any significant relief can be experienced!

I totally understand that when you are stuck in Chronic Pain, life can indeed feel heavy and hard. I’ve been there too. However you need to remind yourself that you have a choice: to play the helpless victim and blame the world, or take charge and try to understand the deeper important messages in your pain. Then and only then can you truly begin your journey to complete freedom and so much more!

So take a dive within. Get quiet and reflect on the questions above. Will you take time to pay attention now? What has your pain been trying to tell you? I’d love you to share your reflections/comments below.