4 Easy Ways to Achieve Anything You Want!

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  • Are you going in circles trying to achieve your goals?
  • Do you feel stuck, frustrated and lack clarity on what to do next?

That’s ok.


Whether you are trying to achieve your health goals, relationship goals or work and money goals, there is another way to manifest whatever it is that you want.

Over the course of a decade, I went from feeling mentally, emotionally and spiritually disconnected with my life, and physically confined to bed rest indefinitely due to chronic pain, to creating a life that feels truly MAGICAL today. In addition I’ve helped and empowered a thousand others do the same.


Well on my journey from stuck in pain and on bed-rest forever to becoming the founder of MagicalPainFreeLiving.com , I discovered that there is the HARD WAY to achieve what you want…one filled with a whole lot of frustration, struggle, far too many roadblocks and way more disappointments than you can handle … And then there is an EASIER WAY, which I discovered later.

So, if you are open and willing to see an EASIER WAY of achieving your dreams… read on…

Most people (like me 10 years ago) are not aware that they are creating their own life, their own reality – by default- unknowingly- the good or the bad or even the ugly. Most people don’t get how they can create ill health, bad relationships, unhappy work circumstances for themselves, when they are consciously wanting to create the exact opposite!

The thing is that achieving your goals and dreams is not so much what you are consciously doing and not doing, but more about what your are subconsciously thinking, feeling, and believing!

 The universe is not listening simply to what you are saying or doing, its listening to what you are thinking, feeling, believing SUBCONSCIOUSLY. So unless your SUBCONCIOUS mind and your CONSCIOUS mind are ALIGNED (in line), you struggle to manifest what you want! You are going about the HARD WAY to your dreams!

Below I’m sharing with you  4 EASIER WAYS to achieve what you want!

1.KNOW WHAT YOU WANT – basic stuff right?  Nope. Many people don’t really know WHAT they truly want. Or WHY they want what they want. So first get really clear about what it is you desire from your heart. The stronger you FEEL about that desire, the better. Feelings fuel your desires!

2. Have ‘PURE INTENTIONS” not “MUDDY INTENTIONS”– what does that mean?

If you already know you want, that’s great. So why haven’t those intentions manifested? It is because your intentions may not be “pure”.  You may be having what I call “MUDDY INTENTIONS”!

Here are some examples:

  • I really want to be free pain free…But I doubt its ever going to happen because I’ve tried so many things that haven’t worked, I guess nothing else will
  • I would love to have more money to do the things I want … But I hardly ever have enough to pay all my bills!
  • I want to feel peace in my relationships … But I’m stuck with people that are downright selfish and unfair!
  • I want a job that inspires and fulfills me … But I doubt I will ever find it
  • I would love to invest and take this program … But I don’t have time or money for it!

The BIG BUT after every intention muddies the intention of what you want.  So there is this tug of war between your pure intention and the muddied intention.  Which keeps you in this “holding pattern” where no matter what you do and how hard you try, you keep going in circles, never landing with your desired goals.  You need to CLEAR OUT the doubts, fears, worries, frustrations, negative beliefs that are muddying your intentions!

The Universe responds to CLEAR messages/signals. Muddied Intentions you get Muddied Results.  Pure Intentions bring magical results! (even when you have NO CLUE about HOW it will all happen)

3. BELIEVE IN YOURSLEF and YOUR DREAMS! If you believe you can … you will. If you believe you can’t … you won’t.  Simple.

So how you feel about yourself generally? Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe you can have what you desire?  OR Do you believe what you want is way beyond your “league”?  Are you encouraging YOU on your journey to your dreams or are you criticizing YOU more? Are you making YOU a priority in your life or are you putting last on your priority list?

We need to love, respect and believe in ourselves and what we want before it can show up. Your belief in you and your dreams is directly related to achieving what you want!  The Universe is always ready to deliver to you whatever it is that you want. It’s waiting for you to BELIEVE in you and BELIVE that you deserve it too!

4. HAVE A MENTOR –There is NOTHING like having a mentor to support you on your journey to your dreams. Someone who is an established expert in the field. Someone who is already living what you deeply and passionately want for your self too.

On your journey to your dreams, things can get overwhelming, you  begin doubting if you will ever get there, and you may hit blocks or ceilings that you just cant breakthrough on your own. You may feel exhausted, frustrated, like a victim and give up your dream or goal

Having an expert who believes in you more than you believe in yourself can help boost that self -confidence and energize you to keep going. Also having the support of a mentor who’s been there, done that a thousand times will make your journey to your dreams faster and easier!

As I said earlier, there is a HARD WAY to go about achieving what you want, or an EASIER WAY.  It’s a choice you have to make.  When I made a choice of  following the  easier way (even though I didn’t know if it would all work out),  I went from being  unhappy, disconnected, no confidence and in massive pain, to  living I life beyond anything I ever imagined!

And You Can Too!

It IS your life. Your Dreams. Your Goals. And YOU get to choose!  So which way will you choose? It’s all up to YOU!