6 Key Steps to Achieving What You Want

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  • Are you struggling to achieve your desires?
  • Do you feel stuck moving toward your goals?

Over the past 10 years of coaching I find that many of the clients I work with have read self help books, they are doing “affirmation”, thinking positive, have read ‘THE SECRET”, are doing visualizations etc. and yet they are struggling to reach their desired goal. They are confused as to why aren’t they getting what they want. So what’s going on?

Truth is there is so much more to achieving your dreams than just affirmations, visualizations and thinking positive! Below I am sharing with you key steps that provide a powerful foundation to achieving your desires. I have used them over and over to break free from my pain, create the lifestyle I desire, attract harmonious relationships, achieve financial and professional success. It’s an ongoing process really. When you reach the level or the goal you want, you can apply the same process to get to the next level and so on….

Here are 6 Key Steps To Achieving What You Want!

  1. Get Quiet – Create quiet time every day. Simplistic I know, yet so overlooked.  We are so distracted and bombarded with so much stimuli- whether in our family interactions, at work, by social media, Phone messages, TV etc. that most people don’t find even 5 minutes of daily quiet time. If you are always “on” and never take time to get quiet and “reboot”, you will move forward haphazardly and randomly bumping into experiences and results that frustrate and disappoint you.
  2. Get Clear – What do you truly desire? What are your true aspirations? Top 5 priorities? Are you aware?

Interestingly when I ask potential clients what they want…. they can hardly articulate what they want. However they are more clear about what they DO NOT WANT!  “I don’t want to be in pain, I don’t want to be stuck in this relationship, I don’t want to wake up feeling anxious, I don’t want to stay stuck in this job…etc.

When I ask them what they want, their desires, their hope, many can’t give a clear picture. They are so stuck in their current situation, they find it hard to believe that this can change and that they CAN have what they want!

If you went to a restaurant to order food and knew what you DO NOT want, but not what you want…how is the waiter supposed to bring you your order? You’ve got to be clear about what you do want so the universe can know clearly and deliver it to you!

  1. Get Into the Flow State You’ve taken time to get quiet and get clear about what you want. Now all you have to do is stay in a state of FLOW instead of a state of resistance. HOW? I hear you ask! When the stress levels keep rising, the to do lists are never-ending, there is so much that keeps pulling us down?

Agree there are bound to be ups and downs as you go from day to day. You will experience “irritations”, “angers”, “frustrations”, “resentments”, “guilt”, “shame” etc. However, when you know that at your CORE, you are pure LOVE and you commit to daily coming back to that place of PEACE and LOVE, you will come back into that state of FLOW!

It’s like taking a daily shower. Sure you will get sweaty and sticky and dirty as you move through the day, but you can come back to feeling fresh and clean with a daily shower! Similarly, you can clear out and wash away frustrations, irritations etc. daily and come back to that clear minded, peaceful place. (Here is a tapping for daily peace video you can use daily to stay in daily flow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYgHaj-zg2Q)

  1. Get Moving One you know what you want, you are making sure you are in a state of DAILY FLOW… you will notice you receive ideas, inspiration, feelings, intuition about what to do. It may come when you are showering, driving, or doing something that is not related to what you want. TAKE NOTE of it and TAKE ACTION.

The Universe is ALWAYS giving you signs and messages. Most people are tuned out and so they tend to miss the signs and messages they are getting. So keep taking INSPIRED ACTIONS.

  1. Get Detached Once you know what you want, and you are taking time to be stay in daily flow, and you are taking INSPIRED actions, let go of trying to control every little step to manifesting your dream. Getting detached doesn’t mean letting go of your dream. It simply means you’ve given your order to the universe, now TRUST that it’s on its way.

Remember the song … LET IT BE, LET IT BE, LET IT BE, LET IT BE

So, Let Go of overthinking, over analyzing how it will all come about, when, where etc. Stop over controlling and Let It Be!

  1. Get Into RECEIVING MODE Once you implement the above steps, TRUST and ALLOW the universe to take charge and deliver your wish to you, at the right divine time. EXPECT that your desires are on their way and be happy in the NOW moment. When you are HAPPY NOW… you are in the RECEIVING MODE.  The more you stay in that mode, the more you are in flow and READY to RECEIVE.

Your dreams and wishes are meant to manifest.
There is nothing ‘out there’ that is blocking you from achieving what you want. The blocks are always within. If you follow the guidelines above,  you will consciously begin to take the steps,   release the blocks, so you stay in FLOW, stay in the RECEIVING MODE and achieve whatever it is you desire.

If you know you that you are meant to live a more fulfilling, happy life, one filled with meaning and purpose, but you are feeling stuck because you are in some kind of pain, or you just can’t seem to make it happen, and you would like expert guidance to help you, click this link to apply for a Discovery Session with me http://eftthailand.com/assessment/