7 Steps To Achieve Your Dreams This New Year!

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7-steps-new-yearWe often hear people say the phrase… A NEW YEAR, A NEW YOU! Somehow we feel that just because it is a NEW year somehow things will change for us automatically. However, a month or so into the new year, all the excitement and buzz from the new year fades away and we find ourselves back in the same old patterns of doing, feeling, acting/ behaving and not moving forward with our desires!

Each NEW day, each NEW moment and each NEW year is truly filled with the potential to help you achieve and live your dream(s). The only missing piece is YOU! So the question really is:

  • Are YOU aligned with your goals?
  • Do YOU truly believe that you can achieve what you want?
  • Are YOU supporting your dreams? Or negating what you desire?
  • Can YOU see yourself being, having the things you desire?
  • Are YOU aware of what’s really keeping you stuck and how to change it?
  • Are YOU equipped with tools, strategies necessary for what you want?

Intentions and Counter-intentions
We all have INTENTIONS for what we want to create. We say:
I want to have more peace in my relationships; I want to feel more secure in my finances; I want to have fun doing what I love! etc. However, these intentions are often followed by a BIG..BUT! I want a fun job BUT…I want more peace in my relationship BUT… I want to lose weight BUT….

Whatever you say after the BUT is a COUNTER intention. When you have MIXED INTENTIONS, you send out MIXED MESSAGES to the universe and you get MIXED RESULTS! Not exactly what you truly desire!

Ten years ago I was stuck at a job that I felt miserable in, my relationships were at rock bottom, my health was at its worst and I was frustrated and unhappy with the money I was making in my job PLUS I felt like life was drifting away without any meaning!
Today I LOVE what I do, have a 6 figure income, work from home or from wherever I choose (all my work is online) and with people all around the world. I get plenty of ME time, travel for work and for fun, have quality time with family and am healthier than I ever was. And I want to share 7 Steps to Achieve Your Dreams in 2017.

Here they are:-

  1. Know it – This is an important first step:-Know what you want! It sounds too simple. Yet many people aren’t really clear about what they truly desire. You have to have a clear vision of what you want to see happen. What do you want to see happen in the key areas of your life? I usually pick 5-6 key areas to focus on- health, work, relationships, family, finances, self growth and see what I want for each area.
  2. See it –Can you visualize yourself having already achieved what you want? Can you see yourself there? Can you close your eyes and see what you want happening in your mind? If you can’t see it, then there is gap. You are not aligned with your vision a 100%.
  3. Believe it – On a scale of 0-10, where 10 means you believe a 100% and 0 means you don’t believe it at all, what’s your number about your desire in each area? If you want to have a certain bodyweight, do you believe a 100% you can achieve it? Or are you not a 100% there. The closer you are to 10, the more likely you will achieve your dream!
  4. Feel it How you do FEEL about achieving what you want? Do you feel eager, excited and ready to go? Or are you anxious, fearful, doubtful? On a 0 -10 scale if you FEEL a 10 (very sure) you FEEL completely aligned. If you mostly you feel doubtful, of frustrated, or anxious, your feelings are not aligned with what you want…and this gap slows down or blocks you from achieving what you want.
  5. Clear it– Take time to reflect and become aware of your COUNTER INTENTIONS, you negative self talk, your fears and doubts. Clear out the fears, and the beliefs, the limiting thoughts and feelings and find a way to be more “in line” with your desires.The more you are aligned with your dreams, that is the more you can feel it, see it, believe it, the more chances of achieving your dream.There are lots of tools out there to ‘CLEAR ’. My absolute favourite is EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques. For more on this technique you can visit my website www.EftThailand.com
  6. Act on It – Magic happens when you take action! You can be all passionate and eager and excited about your desire, and feel it, see it and believe, but nothing moves unless you take action!Taking ACTION becomes a whole lot easier when the negative self talk, worries, fears are out of the way. You tend to no longer procrastinate and taking action feels like the most natural thing in the world! However, there may also be times when taking action feels overwhelming and you feel stuck and unsure. Sometimes despite taking ACTION you may find yourself not making progress. One of the best ways I have experienced to get out of this stuck situation is to get expert help. We all have BLIND SPOTS. We cant pretend to know it all. When I find myself going in circles and not reaching my goals, I invest in getting an expert who has already has been on this journey and got the results I want. So instead of the ‘go it alone’ style, I hire an expert who can see what I can’t see and who can help me get to my goals with ease and speed.
  7. Allow It That means, once you have released all worries, doubts, fears and negative self talk by clearing it or and you have taken the action you need to, or invested in getting expert help etc., now you need to RELAX and TRUST that the Universe is bringing your desires to you at divine time.

Just like when you sow a seed, you don’t expect the tree to blossom tomorrow! You give it time, you keep nurturing it while still expecting that it will grow with love and care. So with your dreams…Be patient. Have Fun. Enjoy the journey and ALLOW the dream to manifest at the right time.

One important note: Most of us tend to think that we will be happy once we achieve XYZ goals.
We think- I’ll be happy when I…

  • Make a million dollars
  • Lose 20 kilos
  • Get my dream home
  • Have peace in my family

However, if you are not feeling happy now, if you are not having fun along the journey to your dreams, if instead of feeling eager, excited optimistic, you are feeling anxious, frustrated, impatient, then you will most likely not be happy when you get there or you may not achieve exactly what you wanted.

They KEY is to feel peace NOW, be happy NOW, feel good NOW. You attract MORE of what you are feeling NOW! So if you want to speed up manifesting your dreams, be happy in your every NOW moment and you will be on a superhighway to achieving your dreams!