A Pain-Free New Year is Possible!

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pain-free-2017A Brand New Year is around the corner!  It’s that time when many of us sit and reflect and write down our new goals, desires and things we want to see happen for us in the year ahead.

Is being PAIN FREE a goal for you this year?  If yes, let me ask…what’s the PAIN in your life right now?

  • Is it physical pain that is taking over your day to day living?
  • Are you feeling stuck because of emotional pain in your relationship(s)?
  • If your ‘work’ feeling painful and you aren’t really feeling inspired or fulfilled?
  •  Are you feeling a dis-connect with your life and you don’t know why or what to do?

Maybe you have been trying to figure a way out of your pain for a while.  Maybe you are frustrated and wondering why is it that you are struggling to reach your pain free goal? And some of you may also be wondering why the pain is getting worse despite all your efforts?

I know how you feel!

Back in 2007 I was in exactly the same predicament. Stuck on bed-rest due to chronic pain, frustrated with a job that didn’t feel fulfilling, feeling edgy is all my relationships, feeling like a victim of my circumstances and wondering if I would be stuck there for the rest of my life!

Today my life is completely free from all pain, my relationships are far more harmonious, I get to work from home, work when and with whom I want, do what I absolutely love and make great money doing it! There is a sense of deep satisfaction, fulfillment and balance that I am grateful for everyday.

After a decade of being pain free, creating my ideal life and helping a thousand others break free from their pain, I want to share with you 3 KEY ROADBLOCKS that can keep you stuck and circling in pain and also 3 KEYS that can unlock those doors to a PAIN FREE NEW YEAR!

Here they are:

Roadblock # 1: Adhering only to  the Medical Model to get relief

Most of us, when we find ourselves sick or in pain, we hand the responsibility of our health to the medical system to find out what is wrong and fix it! However, the medical model treats our symptoms as purely “PHYSICAL”! We are prescribed pills to stop the pain. And many times these ‘treatments’ and pills don’t work no matter how many different things we try. Sometimes, even the medical practitioners are at a loss to figure out what is going on!

Also even when the medical treatments are not working, we keep going back to them! I am guilty of this too!

Key to overcoming roadblock # 1: Take Responsibility for your health!

Taking more responsibility for your own health. Your Pain has a deeper message for you.  Your body is trying to communicate with you about WHAT IS GOING ON INSIDE OF YOU not just what’s going on PHYSICALLY!

Understand that you are MIND-BODY-SPIRIT. Your physical pain and your emotional pain are inter-related! So if you keep addressing only one aspect, you will not truly be able to achieve lasting relief!

Roadblock # 2: Tolerating pain!

Many people seem to think that because they have not gotten the results they want after trying different things, they just have to TOLERATE the pain!  The phrase I hear is “I just have to live with it I guess”!

But tolerating pain is NEVER a lasting solution!

WHY? Because the pain will get worse over time! Whatever you hold on to (consciously, subconsciously), you attract more of!

Key to unlocking roadblock # 2: Commit To Your Pain Free Goal!  

If you would like to be pain free, COMMIT to your pain free goal a 100%!  Not half-heartedly; not when you get time; but commit fully! And commit NOW!

Without commitment, change is just not possible!

You may have heard ENERGY FLOWS WHERE ATTENTION GOES! This coming year, intend and commit to doing whatever it takes to finding a solution! Instead focusing your energy on “tolerating pain”, focus all that energy on ‘finding a solution’.


When having tried different things to help themselves people don’t get the results they want, they tend to become very skeptical. They assume that “if nothing I’ve tried has worked so far, nothing else will” … or they think “I have tried it all” and there is nothing else left to try or explore!

Key to overcoming roadblock # 3: Have an OPEN-MIND

Just because you have tried everything YOU KNOW and it hasn’t worked, does not mean that there isn’t a solution ‘out there’.

The UNIVERSE limitless and abundant! If you have a problem, there IS a solution ‘out there’! But a limiting mindset about what’s possible will limit you from discovering those resources. It’s when you keep an OPEN-MIND that you may stumble upon information, tools that magically positively and permanently impact your life for the better! You can be committed, but only an open mind will make change possible!

Deep down inside, I believe, that you do know you are meant to live a far more happy and fulfilling life than you are with this pain!

And I am here to tell you, there is a way out! IF you are willing to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your health, COMMIT to your pain free goal, have an OPEN-MIND!


What if you could TAKE greater RESPONSIBILITY for your own health, COMMIT a 100% to your pain free goal and persevere and stay OPEN-MINDED?

When I did so a decade ago, I stumbled upon a tool that helped me break free from my chronic pain, my disease and helped me create the life I truly wanted! That tool was EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques! Also known as TAPPING!

While there are tons of alternative tools out there, in my experience EFT is the fastest, easiest and the most reliable way to be pain free naturally! Give it a go and learn to manage your pain naturally and instantly now! (Click on the image to watch the video online!)


A Brand New Year is days ahead! It’s time to rethink, refocus and reset and make necessary changes so you can break free from these ‘roadblocks’ and unlock the door to a PAIN FREE 2017!