Are you constantly worried about your health?

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Is this you?

  • You are a business entrepreneur with big dreams and goals
  • Leading a meaningful, purposeful life is important to you
  • You value your family and spending quality time with them
  • Yet you feel drained and exhausted due to health issues
  • You feel frustrated as your health keeps you from doing things you want to
  • You wish you could feel more balance and peace but you don’t know how!

A decade ago I too was in the same boat. I knew there was MUCH MORE to my life than I was living then but I didn’t know how to break out of that pain-stress-worry cycle!

Today, a decade later, I live the life I never ever dreamed possible!
My health is at its best. I LOVE the work I do. I get to have plenty of ME time, FAMILY time, the freedom to travel, to work when I want, with whom I want and from wherever I want while having a whole lot of FUN along the way.

How did it all change?
I want to share with you 3 KEY DISCOVERIES that I made on my journey that are now the pillars of my life.

Your EMOTIONS are like your INNER COMPASS that are constantly guiding you and letting you know where you are on your journey to your dreams and goals.

As a kid do you ever remember playing the HOT and COLD game? Where someone hid an object and others were supposed to find where it was hidden, the person who hid the object would guide others. The closer the people were to the area where the object was hidden, the guide would say “HOT! HOT! HOT!” and the further away they were from the object, the guide would say “COLD! COLD! COLD! letting them know whether they were on track or off track!

Your EMOTIONS are similarly guiding you and letting you know if you are ‘on track’ or in the “hot zone”, or “off track” in the “cold” zone. If you are usually feeling heavy negative emotions like anger, frustration, resentment, overwhelm, fear, guilt, etc., you are in that “colder zone’,  If you are usually feeling good, peace, ease, happy, excited you are in the ‘hot zone’, on the right track and closer toward your dreams and wishes.

However, most of us try not to pay attention to our feelings at all when we have health challenges. We try to deal emotions by ignoring them, suppressing them, brushing them aside.  We are so focused and eager to get on with finding solutions ‘out there’ for our health issues that we have no time for our emotions and feelings.


Unfortunately, when we find ourselves with stuck some health issues, we instantly try to look for things “out there” that can help us- the medications, pills, treatments, physical massages, herbs, vitamins etc. While each one of these have an important role, they are still not effective as they do not address the UNDERLYING ROOT ISSUES – the unresolved emotional conflicts!

Your PAINFUL/UPSETTING experiences leave behind painful emotional residues in your system. These bottled feelings don’t fade away over time. They get stored in your cells, overload your system, deplete your immunity and eventually cause PHYSICAL PAIN & DIS-EASE too.

A decade ago, I was diagnosed with a disease and was bed-ridden because of my chronic pain. Nothing I had tried had worked in helping me get rid of my pain too. It wasn’t until I became aware that it wasn’t about looking outside for help, but rather more about tuning inward to let go the heavy emotional baggage I was carrying around with me (subconsciously).

DISCOVERY #3: Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT or Tapping
a simple Do It Yourself self-help tool that allows you to release and let go of emotional upsets quickly and naturally!

EMOTIONS are simply ENERGY IN MOTION. Normally your body is in its natural state of FLOW. Disturbing EMOTIONS disturb the flow of energy in your body. YOUR STUCK BOTTLED EMOTIONS create energetic jams or STUCK ENERGY thus overloading your system, depleting your immunity and causing Physical pain and dis-ease!

As you begin to LET GO and OFF LOAD these thick layers of layers emotional baggage using EFT (or any other tool that helps you let go) , your system feels lighter, the energy flow returns to is free flow state.  When your inner emotional landscape feels lighter, freer, happier, your outer physical landscape begins to reflect that too.  You begin to feel   healthier and happier moving with strength towards your dreams.

If you’d like to get a taste of EFT, click here for FREE VIDEOS to learn the basics of using EFT

So if you truly care about experiencing lasting relief and total well being, it’s time to begin paying attention to your inner world. Your emotions. When you feel happy and at peace, you are in a natural state of flow and everything in your life works FOR YOU!

As Hippocrates said “the natural healing forces within us are the true healers of disease”