Are You Ready to Stop Tolerating Pain?

Posted by on Nov 17, 2016 in Pain-Free | Comments Off on Are You Ready to Stop Tolerating Pain?

pain-ruling-lifeAll of us have things in life that we want. But often we find ourselves stuck and not getting what we want.  We feel confused and frustrated and angry at first, but since nothing we try works, we decide that we simply have to “tolerate” the pain and move on!

Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that:

  • when you tolerate things you do not want, you keep yourself from attracting what you do want!
  • also whatever you ‘tolerate’ only multiplies over time! 

So I want to ask you…

  • What pain are you tolerating in your life?
  • Are you tolerating physical pain and have decided that you just have to live with it?
  • Is your anxiety taking control of your life and since nothing has worked so far, you think you are stuck with it?
  • Are you in a painful relationship and you feel you just have to ‘put up with’?
  • Are you aware of a negative pattern that you just cant seem to break free from?
  • Are you tolerating a job where you feel stagnant, frustrated, and unhappy but you keep at it because you fear there is nothing else out there for you?

We humans have an immense capacity for tolerating pain. I speak from experience! A decade ago, I was “tolerating” immense physical pain due to an illness I had.  I had tried so many different things but nothing had worked. So I thought I was stuck with the pain. But it wasn’t just physical pain I was tolerating!  I was tolerating a job that I felt totally disconnected with. My relationships with my loved ones were going downhill day by day. My sense of self worth was at its lowest and yet I kept moving forward day after day, week after week, month after month living with all the bottled up pain.

So, did “tolerating” the pain help? NO!

Actually things got far worse in every area of my life – and I hit rock bottom as I was told to quit my job and was confined to bedrest indefinitely!

Today I barely recognize the person I was back then. My life today is beautiful, magical, filled with the things I truly desire. A few years back I even co-authored an international best selling book Pebbles In The Pond – Wave 3, and my chapter was titled “You Can Have It All’!

So what changed? Well, I decided I was no longer ready to tolerate pain in my life! I had had enough! I knew deep in my heart that there was a lot more to my life than I was living. And I was determined to be open and willing to find a new way. And I did! And you can too!

Here are some tips to get started on your pain free path…

  • Acknowledge the pain you are tolerating- many people are so used to living in intense pain, they don’t even recognize. The first step is to acknowledge that you are holding on to pain.
  • Recognize the impact of tolerating pain- tolerating pain impacts your life, your self-worth, your relationships, your health, and limits the quality of your life!

Ask yourself… what is the cost of staying stuck in this pain? How will tolerating this pain affect me 6 months from now? 12 months from now? Remember your body, mind, and spirit can only take so much!

  • Make a Decision– to stop tolerating pain! When you tolerate pain, the universe brings you more of the same painful experiences.  When you make a commitment to STOP TOLERATING  PAIN, you send a clear/different message to the universe. Only then do you allow new possibilities, solutions, new doors to open that you thought didn’t exist!
  • Get Support– since you have been in pain for a long while, it might be hard to see clearly the new possibilities for yourself. If you could have helped yourself out of this pain, you would have got yourself out of this pain by now! So to jump-start your journey to a pain free life, get expert support. Someone who you know has done this journey many times and can quickly help you get to where you want to be.

If you are here reading this far, I believe that somewhere deep in your heart, you dobelieve that there is more to your life than what you are living. That at your core you do believe that you are meant to live an enriching and fulfilling life. And I want to tell you what you want is truly possible! It begins with making a decision to stop tolerating pain now!