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4 Easy Ways to Achieve Anything You Want!

Posted by on Jul 14, 2017 in Emotions | 0 comments

Are you going in circles trying to achieve your goals? Do you feel stuck, frustrated and lack clarity on what to do next? That’s ok. You are not alone. Whether you are trying to achieve your health goals, relationship goals or work and money goals, there is another way to manifest whatever it is that you want. Over the course of a decade, I went from feeling mentally, emotionally and spiritually disconnected with my life, and physically confined to bed rest indefinitely due to chronic pain, to creating a life that feels truly MAGICAL today. In addition I’ve helped and empowered a thousand...

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3 Reasons Why Your Chronic Pain Isn’t Healing!

Posted by on Jun 16, 2017 in Pain-Free | Comments Off on 3 Reasons Why Your Chronic Pain Isn’t Healing!

If you are reading this, chances are that you are, or someone you care about is: stuck in chronic pain trying different medications, treatments to get relief but not seeing significant shifts in your pain levels feeling frustrated, hopeless, helpless because the pain is now negatively impacting your professional work, your family life, your physical activities, social life and maybe even your self worth! feeling dis-heartened thinking why when you are doing everything the experts are telling you, you are not seeing the results? So what’s really going on? Why aren’t the docs...

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Are You Struggling or Thriving?

Posted by on May 15, 2017 in Emotions, Pain-Free | Comments Off on Are You Struggling or Thriving?

Do you feel like your life has become one big struggle? Do these statements resonate with you? I’m definitely not living the life I want to I constantly feel tired and exhausted physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually I’m sick of old patterns popping up over and over again No matter how hard I try, I cant break free from the struggles in my life I can see the negative impact all this stress is having on my health I work so hard every day and for so many hours but have nothing to show for it I’ve distanced myself from my social and family relationships I have no...

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Does life feel busy yet empty & meaningless?

Posted by on Apr 10, 2017 in Emotions | Comments Off on Does life feel busy yet empty & meaningless?

In this age of modern technology and a mindset of instant result and instant gratification, it seems most natural and our lives are fast paced and “very busy” too! There is just so much that demands our attention, so much we need to tend to each and every day! So let me ask you: Are you someone who: Is “very busy” but you are not really tuned in to your work, your life and you feel more like a robot going through the motions each day? Is feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, exhausted with all this “buzyness”? Is feeling edgy in all relationships, and finding that you are ready to explode at the...

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Is Lack of Clarity Keeping You Stuck?

Posted by on Mar 14, 2017 in Emotions, Pain-Free | Comments Off on Is Lack of Clarity Keeping You Stuck?

You are at Point A and you want to go to Point B, whatever that is for you. Whether it is in the area of health, career, relationships, self development, etc. Do you find yourself in this cycle? Do you go back and forth with your decisions because you don’t know what to do? Are you constantly struggling to find clarity to take the “right action” at the “right time?” Do you find that a lot of time has gone by and yet not much has changed and you are still nowhere close to where you want to be? If you answered YES, know that you are not alone. Often times you may think...

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