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Are You Ready to Stop Tolerating Pain?

Posted by on Nov 17, 2016 in Pain-Free | Comments Off on Are You Ready to Stop Tolerating Pain?

All of us have things in life that we want. But often we find ourselves stuck and not getting what we want.  We feel confused and frustrated and angry at first, but since nothing we try works, we decide that we simply have to “tolerate” the pain and move on! Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that: when you tolerate things you do not want, you keep yourself from attracting what you do want! also whatever you ‘tolerate’ only multiplies over time!  So I want to ask you… What pain are you tolerating in your life? Are you tolerating physical pain and have decided that you just have...

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Are You Ignoring The Inner Conflict In Your Heart?

Posted by on Jan 19, 2016 in Emotions | 1 comment

Is there an aching in your heart that you are ignoring? Does it feel as the joy and inspiration you once felt are slowly running out? Are you feeling a sense of disconnect within? The first 38 years of my life, I rarely paid any attention to my inner world – my feelings, my emotions. When I went through challenges/conflicts, I would feel upset, angry, hurt etc. However, the next day I would just go on normally, ignoring any emotional pain. Frankly I didn’t know if I ignored it. It was more like I had no clue I was supposed to do anything with those feelings. So I put them away and kept...

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Your Unhappiness At Work & Your Physical Pain are Related

Posted by on Sep 15, 2015 in Pain-Free | Comments Off on Your Unhappiness At Work & Your Physical Pain are Related

Are you in some sort of physical Pain? You’ve been trying different things to break free from pain?   You are possibly feeling discouraged thinking you’ve tried everything possible out there and you still don’t experience significant relief? Most of us have been taught to TREAT/FIX/STOP our physical pain/symptoms with pills, medications, balms, surgery etc. We have been conditioned to see our PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS as something that just happen to us. That suddenly something goes wrong with our system and now we are in physical pain! And we had nothing to do with it. Almost a...

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On a Row Boat Or Speed Boat to Your Dreams?

Posted by on Aug 17, 2015 in Emotions | Comments Off on On a Row Boat Or Speed Boat to Your Dreams?

Recently I did a day trip to an island with my family. Since we had only ONE day, we wanted to get to the island quick and safe so we could have lots of time there. We had to choose between taking the slow ferryboat, which would cost us very little but get us to the island in 2 hours 30 minutes one way (and the same amount of time back)! Or take a speedboat, way more expensive, but get us there in 20 minutes. We chose the speedboat of course and had a relaxing, fun memorable time on the island! This experience reminded me of our own journeys unique to the island of our dreams and goals. And...

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3 Steps for Daily Peace and Clarity!

Posted by on Jul 17, 2015 in Emotions | Comments Off on 3 Steps for Daily Peace and Clarity!

Do you feel peace and clarity from day to day? Are you feeling focused and productive moving forward? Daily life can be busy, hectic and filled with all kinds of experiences, situations, interactions at home, at work that can easily lead to frustrations, overwhelm and setbacks.  With all the different demands being made on you, it is easy to become dissatisfied and resistant. So having DAILY peace, clarity and focus may seem like wishful thinking. But Daily Peace and Clarity is possible! For example, think of a candle glowing bright in a clean glass lantern. As the days go by, daily dust and...

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