Are You Struggling or Thriving?

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Do you feel like your life has become one big struggle? Do these statements resonate with you? I’m definitely not living the life I want to I constantly feel tired and exhausted physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually I’m sick of old patterns popping up over and over again No matter how hard I try, I cant break free from the struggles in my life I can see the negative impact all this stress is having on my health I work so hard every day and for so many hours but have nothing to show for it I’ve distanced myself from my social and family relationships I have no...

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Is Lack of Clarity Keeping You Stuck?

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You are at Point A and you want to go to Point B, whatever that is for you. Whether it is in the area of health, career, relationships, self development, etc. Do you find yourself in this cycle? Do you go back and forth with your decisions because you don’t know what to do? Are you constantly struggling to find clarity to take the “right action” at the “right time?” Do you find that a lot of time has gone by and yet not much has changed and you are still nowhere close to where you want to be? If you answered YES, know that you are not alone. Often times you may think...

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The Missing Piece to Healing Your Pain!

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So why isn’t the pain healing? What’s the missing piece? You are possibly reading this because you or someone you love may be experiencing pain. Maybe you want to find a way to help them. It is possible that they are already trying several different things to help ease the pain but nothing is really shifting. After a decade now being pain free from my own chronic pain which   had me confined to bed-rest forever, and also after working with thousands of others suffering from pain, here is what I know for sure – UNPROCESSED EMOTIONS (past, present, even future) are the KEY...

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A Pain-Free New Year is Possible!

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A Brand New Year is around the corner!  It’s that time when many of us sit and reflect and write down our new goals, desires and things we want to see happen for us in the year ahead. Is being PAIN FREE a goal for you this year?  If yes, let me ask…what’s the PAIN in your life right now? Is it physical pain that is taking over your day to day living? Are you feeling stuck because of emotional pain in your relationship(s)? If your ‘work’ feeling painful and you aren’t really feeling inspired or fulfilled?  Are you feeling a dis-connect with your life and you...

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Are You Ready to Stop Tolerating Pain?

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All of us have things in life that we want. But often we find ourselves stuck and not getting what we want.  We feel confused and frustrated and angry at first, but since nothing we try works, we decide that we simply have to “tolerate” the pain and move on! Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that: when you tolerate things you do not want, you keep yourself from attracting what you do want! also whatever you ‘tolerate’ only multiplies over time!  So I want to ask you… What pain are you tolerating in your life? Are you tolerating physical pain and have decided that you just have...

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Are you constantly worried about your health?

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Is this you? You are a business entrepreneur with big dreams and goals Leading a meaningful, purposeful life is important to you You value your family and spending quality time with them Yet you feel drained and exhausted due to health issues You feel frustrated as your health keeps you from doing things you want to You wish you could feel more balance and peace but you don’t know how! A decade ago I too was in the same boat. I knew there was MUCH MORE to my life than I was living then but I didn’t know how to break out of that pain-stress-worry cycle! Today, a decade later, I...

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