Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring

Magical Pain Free Living MENTORSHIP Path

Are You Sick and Tired of Being in Pain?

I’ve been there where you are. I’ve gone on the bumpy path filled with struggle and disappointments, frustrations and regrets. I have wasted LOTS of time, energy, money trying several different things that didn’t work. After a long difficult journey I finally discovered the secrets that helped me not only break free of my pain, feel light and free in my mind and body but also create the life I never ever dreamed possible!


From YouTube Video on Tapping For Anxiety Relief

Wonderful..truly ...I was on a ten then I tapped three rounds I feel so much lighter and eager to keep tapping to see just how low I can get it..after the first tap I was so frustrated and even more overwhelmed, but I stayed with it..the second round I started yawning and my eyes started tearing...I also got inspiration on the reason of my anxiety...when that happened I started to release even more ...right now I'm on a three...I feel so inspired...thank you soo much this is anxiety I have been feeling for five years everyday all day. Thank you again and I pray that most high will continue to bless you in all ways in any area in your life needed...thank you.

Umi Bomani

Magical Pain Free Living MASTERY Path

Do you have new dreams for yourself?

You are here because you feel like you are ready to live the life of your dreams. You want to take your life to the next level. However, now that you do have new dreams for yourself new issues may be coming up for you



I had been suffering from a chronic upper backache for years. Within 4 sessions with Shalini, I saw major improvement not only in my upper back but also noted feeling more energetic, and in a much more positive frame of mind. I highly recommend her to everyone. It has been an amazing experience working with Shalini.

Renu Arora,
Heidrick & Struggles, Thailand

Magical Pain Free VIP Retreat Day

Are you feeling stuck in pain?

Would you like to shift to a feeling of peace and clarity?

My work is all online and program based. But since I still get queries from readers and old clients who want to work with me privately, for a single session, to get rapid help, support, and guidance for pain issues, I created my “ VIP Retreat Day” Intensive for the person who wants INSTANT Support & Transformation.


Magical Pain-Free Living Bali Retreat

Break Free From Pain, Create the Life You Want!

 Join me in the paradise island of Bali where I will lead a small hand-picked group of like-minded people for 5 days of Mentoring, Pampering and Adventure!

 October 7-11, 2015