Does life feel busy yet empty & meaningless?

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In this age of modern technology and a mindset of instant result and instant gratification, it seems most natural and our lives are fast paced and “very busy” too! There is just so much that demands our attention, so much we need to tend to each and every day! So let me ask you: Are you someone who:

  • Is “very busy” but you are not really tuned in to your work, your life and you feel more like a robot going through the motions each day?
  • Is feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, exhausted with all this “buzyness”?
  • Is feeling edgy in all relationships, and finding that you are ready to explode at the slightest provocation?
  • Is feeling a sense of disconnect from your life, your relationships and even yourself?
  • Is craving peace and clarity but feeling lost and stuck?

Well, you are not alone.  Stress and struggle are a normal part of everyone’s life to some extent. However, you know you have gone off-track when you find yourself on an emotional roller coaster almost every other day and you feel depleted physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually too!

A decade ago, my life felt exactly this way…busy, empty, meaningless. And I was waiting for a miracle, for something outside to change so I could begin to feel better!

Guess what, nothing changed! In fact, it all kept going downhill and eventually I was diagnosed with an illness and confined to bed-rest indefinitely! My life was at a standstill- emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually.

However, everything changed when I heard these words at a Self Awareness Seminar:  YOU CREATE YOUR LIFE WITH YOUR THOUGHTS! AND YOUR DIS-EASE TOO. That was a decade ago. Today I live a life I never dreamed possible. I feel a deep sense of joy, wellbeing, satisfaction doing what I love,  have financial freedom, and lots of time for me, my loved ones, and all the things that matter most to me.  Over the 10 years, I have helped thousands across the globe break free from their pain and move forward with peace and clarity too.

Here are some tips to you can take to begin the journey back to taking charge of your life and feeling more peace and clarity!

AWARENESS: pay attention to the “alert signs” your life is giving you. Whether it is the aches and pains in your body that don’t seem to be going away, or that deep ache in your heart due to stressed relationships, or not feeling fulfilled at work, or simply a deep feeling of disconnect with everyone and everything. Your OUTER REALITY (your relationships, your health, your money, your business etc.) are a result of what is going on in your INNER REALITY.  A bitter pill to swallow I know, cause I have been there too!  It’s definitely not something you want to hear, or digest, but it is the truth.

SELF REFLECTION and SELF CARE: Take time out to and give yourself the opportunity to examine your thoughts, your feelings, your life. Taking time for SELF CARE does not equate to wasting your time!  Making yourself a priority gives you an opportunity to explore the  deeper root causes of why you are feeling stuck, re-examine where you are headed, and then re-focus on what truly matters so you can move forward with more peace and clarity.

OPEN- MINDEDNESS:  Albert Einstein says “insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results”!  You already know what you know and when you find that that isn’t bringing the results you want for a while, try something different! When you are open-minded and willing to go beyond what you already know, you may bump into information, a seminar, a workshop, an expert, a healing modality that just might be the thing that will work for you!

So are you willing to make YOU a priority in your life? Are you willing to take a pause, tune inward and attend to issues that feel off balance? Are you willing to take an honest look at what’s not working? Are you willing to take responsibility for your health and wellbeing?

When you take the time to attend to and heal those parts of you that are hurting, that need attention, you set yourself up for success in all areas of your life. Your journey to a peaceful, purposeful and prosperous life begins with taking care of YOU!