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Joyful June is here!

Summer has such a FUN ring to it. Schools closed. Summer break. Holiday travels. Cooling off at the Beach! All good stuff!

This is my kids last week of school. Next week we are off for a month long vacation to the East Coast of USA, a big fat family vacation with uncle, aunts, and grandparents too.

It's amazing that we are already HALF WAY through the year!

The first half of 2015 for me has been all about INTEGRATION and lots of ‘mental activity'. Putting my programs together, creating a new website, writing my FREE REPORT on 4 SECRETS TO PAIN FREE LIVING, offering new services (a VIP RETREAT DAY and BALI RETREAT IN OCTOBER), upgrading old programs, all with the intention of serving my clients in a way that adds more value, fun and meaning. Check it all out on

I believe, just like the seasons, there a time for everything. I hope everything is unfolding perfectly for you too as you go through the different seasons of life. Trust in the flow and allow the flow of time to take you forward!



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Interested? or Committed to your goals?

Interested? Or Committed to your Goals?

Are you "interested" in achieving your goals, or "committed" to achieving them?

We all have areas in our lives where we find ourselves struggling and wanting improvement, be it your physical health, your relationship patterns, your professional life, financial issues, or your self worth issues. However, very often many don't end up achieving those goals. 


Well there is a BIG DIFFERENCE between being "interested" and "fully committed" to the change/result you want.

As a Pain Relief Coach for almost a decade now, I've had endless conversations, discussions with clients, potential clients, friends, family, contacts etc. who want to break free of pain.  Those who are "interested" say…

  • I am so tired of feeling stuck
  • My relationships, work are suffering because of this!
  • I really need to take care of this as its interfering in my everyday life
  • There's so much going on right now, I just don't have the time
  • I'd really love to take action BUT I just don't have the money
  • I really wish I had support to do this, BUT…(long list of reasons)
  • If only my circumstances were different
  • Someday soon when I have the money (time, energy), I'll get to it

Then there are those committed ones, who are with very similar challenges, but will say…

  • I am so tired of feeling stuck
  • I need to handle this NOW!
  • I need to do this NO MATTER WHAT!
  • I will just have to CREATE the time as its really important to me
  • I don't want to tolerate this way of being any longer, its my TOP Priority
  • I don't have the right resources, money, time but I'm going to find a way!

I remember in January 2011, feeling sick and tired of going in circles and yet not being able to breakthrough to the next level in my work. When I discovered someone online I knew could help me, not only did I not have the money I needed for the investment, but also the coaching was going to require I wake up at 3 AM in the morning for the entire year of coaching! This was because this was an online GROUP coaching program with my mentor in California, and all other group members were in USA. I was the only member in Thailand, and therefore the odd hour for me. And I said YES!

Because it was FAR MORE PAINFUL staying stuck in the same place, than figuring a way out to get the money and stepping out of my comfort zone to access the coaching calls!  Yes it was THAT important and I was READY to do this no matter what it took!

When you are committed, you move forward, in spite of the brick wall you see in front of you. You are not the only one facing brick walls in your journey. Instead of giving yourself reasons why you cant, you get extremely resourceful and creative and do what it takes to FIND A WAY to move past that brick wall...under it, over it, around it, between it! Whichever way you possibly can!

But if you are not ready to make a commitment for what's important to you, nothing shifts! Your life gets busier by the day, new "stuff" happens that we you have to deal with, new "brick walls" come up. And that SOMEDAY never comes, have you noticed?  And you stay stuck!

When you just have an "interest" in doing something, but no real commitment, the universe stays undecided too. It does not have a CLEAR signal on what to bring you.

When you make a CLEAR and FIRM commitment to yourself, in your heart, mind and body, and take a steps in that direction, the Universe begins to find all possible ways to bring the solution, relief, result you desire, not matter how difficult or impossible it seems.

So I want to ask you, are you merely "interested" in getting the results you want or ‘committed"?  Know this, your freedom is but a decision away!

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"I do not have enough of the right words to describe Shalini's wonderful qualities.
EFT with Shalini is unlike anything I've ever experienced. She is a knowledgeable, intuitive, and empowering guide and coach in the best possible ways. I'm certain that EFT with Shalini can help everyone - you just have to be open and try it!"

Prathana Rebecca Knapp, Lawyer, Researcher, Translator, Writer, Editor

About Shalini

Shalini is an internationally renowned Emotional and Physical Pain Relief Expert. She is also an international best selling author of the book Pebbles In The Pond Wave Three, co-authored with Lisa Nichols and others.

After doctors prescribed bed rest indefinitely due to an illness and chronic pain, she went on a profound journey – discovered tools that she used by herself and healed herself completely. Since then, she has helped hundreds of pain sufferers, sometimes including doctors, go from feeling stuck to relieved, and from frustration and anger to peace and clarity. Her work has been featured on national and international magazines, newspapers, and even on television.

Shalini is currently focused on working long term with a small group who are feeling sick of being stuck, who are ready and committed to doing what it takes to bring the big shifts they want.
You can visit her website,, email, or complete an online survey at for a 45-minute free assessment session.


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