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It is supposed to be springtime! However, in Bangkok, it always feels like different shades of summer all year long- hot, hotter, hottest! OK we do get rain too! (thankfully!).

Anyhow, knowing that it's springtime, I've been focusing on clearing out clothes, stationery, and anything else that is no longer needed. On an emotional level, I took a deeper look at the old subconscious negative patterns (yes after 10 years of ‘tapping' away there is STILL stuff that keeps rearing its ugly head now and then) and I'm determined to shift it around…as long as it takes! And on a spiritual level, I felt deeply fulfilled having a pandit (hindu priest) to conduct a "Graha Shanti Pooja" (a prayer ceremony) to clear and cleanse out negative energy from my home and appease the negative impact of karmic influences.

Truth be told, cleaning my home, mind, body is a big theme in my life, springtime, summer time, autumn or winter.Smiley It's just part of who I have become.

Have you been taking time to clear out stuff you don't need from your space, from your life and from within? Give it a go and see how much happier and energized you will feel. Plus you create space in your life for NEW to enter!

Happy spring cleaning!


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Do Not Dismiss the Fun Factor!

The Fun Factor!

Whether you are a mother, a teacher, a coach, a designer, an architect, or a an executive in a company, you are doing the work that you do because you want to feel useful, helpful, and contribute in some way. While that's all good and really very important, if you are not having FUN in that journey, you are missing out on a KEY ingredient to good health, success and well-being!

7 years ago I was working away at an office job. I felt productive doing something worthwhile with my life and putting all my education to practical use. This job seemed "perfect" given that I had flex-time which allowed me to leave in the afternoon to be home in time before my kids arrived from school. Everything looked great- drive kids to school in the mornings, time for gym after that, work half a day, back home in time to be with kids, family dinner, some TV, some more work and sleep! So what was the problem?

Somewhere along the way, I began to feel "empty" inside. I found myself feeling drained for no reason, bored and tired and frustrated. Soon I was struggling to be effective and productive at work. It was as if the inspiration tap had run completely dry and a deep aching began in my heart and soul. I wanted to believe that there was something more for me out there. My life felt pretty robotic and meaningless. I tried to convince myself: "be grateful for what you have, what else do you want? people have far less, stop complaining! You can't have it all!". And so I shut out that deep aching in my soul that was growing louder each day, and just got on with my life.

I didn't know then, but there was a KEY ingredient missing in my life causing that deep ache. The FUN ingredient. That FEEL GOOD ingredient was just not there. Sitting behind a computer all day developing training material, I felt like I was supposed to be elsewhere doing something different but hadn't a clue what that was! And soon I found this "no FUN feeling" seeping in other areas of my life too. Frustrated at work, I poured my frustrations out on my kids and my husband. All my relationships grew edgy. I felt like a victim of my circumstances and things just rolled downhill. Soon I had to quit my job as I was sick, in chronic pain and confined to bed rest indefinitely!

In our desire to be productive, supportive and successful, we often ignore the FUN element. Many of us think taking time out once in a blue moon is good enough. I have had clients who actually say they feel guilt when they are having fun, as they associate fun with wasting time and energy when they could be doing more "constructive". Some mothers put themselves at the bottom of the ladder for having FUN. The kids, the husband, the job, the social responsibilities all come first. High flying and seemingly "successful" executives are unbelievably busy working hard, hoping to retire early and then save FUN for some time in the future.

When your work and life are deprived of the FUN element, you will sooner than later find that you:

  • Do your daily activities feeling a sense of burden
  • Are going about your work (whether as a mom or an executive or business owner) robotically
  • Are complaining more than appreciating
  • Are comparing yourself to those who are having fun and feel resentful and less
  • Are not being able to be as productive as you know you can be
  • Will find yourself in the company of others who are also complaining
  • Will feel drained, tired and exhausted
  • Feel like life is one big struggle
  • Will attract more of the same with your low/unhappy vibration
  • Will not have the energy to keep moving forward with strength to your dreams
  • May end up stuck with "pain and dis-ease"

On the other hand, when you are having FUN in your life you will be able to be:

  • Happier, and in a positive mood and this good vibration will attract more good things into your life
  • In the flow and have inspiration flowing so you can be more productive, effective, creative
  • More energetic to pursue your goals and rise above challenges, not go under them
  • More understanding, flexible, kind and compassionate toward others
  • More peaceful in your life, relationships
  • Secreting those "happy hormones" or endorphins that boost your immune system and achieve great health

There are so many more benefits. You can only stand to gain!

So, on a scale of 0-10, check in and see how much fun are you having along the way generally? When you look at your life, are you mostly enjoying the ride? Or are you generally struggling more? Or is there a specific area of your life that does not feel fun...far from it...relationships, health, work etc.? If your number is below 5, it's time to pay attention NOW! Do not dismiss the FUN factor and put it on hold for some future time! As they say "prevention is better than cure". So get started now!

If you are struggling and feel like you might need support, feel free to fill out my online survey at and qualify for a online complimentary assessment session and have a personal chat with me!

Here's to MORE FUN in your life. Because you deserve all that and more!


"I’m deeply grateful to have had the chance to meet Shalini and follow her program at a point in my life when I was drifting away.

Shalini’s support and guidance with EFT has dramatically changed my life and allowed me to release my emotional blockages that I didn’t know were holding me back. I'm a better person and it is amazing to see how much of a better world surrounds me.

All is well in my world and you have shown me how to make sure it stays so! Thank you!”

~ Marc Ribail, MD
Samui Villas & Homes Co. Ltd., Bangkok

About Shalini

Shalini is an internationally renowned Emotional and Physical Pain Relief Expert. She is also an international best selling author of the book Pebbles In The Pond Wave Three, co-authored with Lisa Nichols and others.

After doctors prescribed bed rest indefinitely due to an illness and chronic pain, she went on a profound journey - discovered tools that she used by herself and healed herself completely. Since then, she has helped hundreds of pain sufferers, sometimes including doctors, go from feeling stuck to relieved, and from frustration and anger to peace and clarity. Her work has been featured on national and international magazines, newspapers, and even on television.

Shalini is currently focused on working long term with a small group who are feeling sick of being stuck, who are ready and committed to doing what it takes to bring the big shifts they want.
You can visit her website,, email, or complete an online survey at for a 45-minute free assessment session.


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