Healing the Pain Layers and Healing the Spirit

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  • Are you in chronic pain?
  • Is insomnia fueling your anxiety?
  • Do you feel frustrated because nothing you try seems to be bringing any significant relief?

Over the last 10 years on my healing journey, healing myself from my chronic disease and pain, and then successfully helping thousands across the globe, I have come to realize that no matter what physical, emotional “pain” or “disease” you may have, it is all just SURFACE SYMPTOMS of something much deeper. And therefore, if you are to truly find long lasting peace, and relief, you need to go beneath those surface layers and address the underlying Core/ Root issues that are lodged deep within.

You may have heard the phrase “peeling the onion layers”. It’s generally referring to delving deeper into the problem, one layer at a time, to discover the truth.

In my weekly Facebook Live show on September 7, 2017, I shared a story about the Golden Buddha which is relevant to this topic. Here is the link to that video… Just click the image to go and watch the video…

In short, here is the Golden Buddha story –
In the year 1957 in Thailand, a Thai monastery was being relocated to it’s current location in Bangkok. A bunch of monks had been assigned for this relocation. One day as they were preparing to move a giant clay Buddha using a crane, one of the monks noticed that the Buddha had developed a crack. Also unfortunately then, rain started to fall. So in order to prevent to any further damage to the Buddha statue, the monks brought the statue down from the crane to the ground again and covered it with a canvas. That night, the head monk went to check on the statue. As he shone a headlight on the area where the crack was, he noted some light reflected back. Curious, he got a hammer and chisel to chip away the area near the crack and noted more light reflecting back. After many hours of chipping at the clay, he discovered, to his complete amazement, a Solid-Gold Buddha!

Historians say that several hundred years before, when Burma was going to attack Thailand, a bunch of monks covered the Golden Buddha with thick layers of clay to protect it from being stolen by the Burmese. However, in the attack, all the monks who knew this secret got killed. It wasn’t until hundreds of years later, in the year 1957 that this Golden Buddha was discovered!

I find that this story is so relevant to each and every one of us, whether you are suffering from aches, pains, diseases or not.

The truth is each one of us is made of this Golden Essence – that is truly who we are at our core. However, as we go through life experiences, we get influenced by experiences, opinions, beliefs passed on to us by our parents, school, society, media and the world around us. Over time, we start to develop feelings of inadequacy, guilt, self-doubt, shame, resentment, etc. Over the decades, the layers of emotional, mental and spiritual dust and debris begin to form such a thick layer around us… we feel dis-connected with that Golden Essence of who we are, instead we feel lost, disconnected from our spirit, stuck in pain and dis-ease!

To heal the mind, body and spirit, we need to go back and dislodge the old buried painful childhood beliefs, memories, experiences that are keeping us stuck in pain. We need to let go of those bottled negative feelings we are holding on to within consciously, or subconsciously. And step by step, as we release and let go of these deep layers, we begin to feel free of the heavy burden of pain. We begin to feel light and free. All that energy that had been stuck, is now free flowing. We feel alive and energized and our spirit begins to shine brighter and brighter.

So, I want to ask you, what heavy thoughts, feelings, memories have you bottled up? What are the layers of emotional dust and debris that are keeping you from shining bright and living the life you truly desire? What can you do today to offload some of those layers?

In the online and offline world today, there are tons of useful tools and resources that you can begin to use right away to chip away at those dusty layers. Here is my favorite tool, EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping, to letting go of some of the emotional pain and anxiety https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGJGn4EUQBc&t=13s

It’s time to begin to heal the pain from its core and allow your spirit and that Golden Essence to shine through!