Is Lack of Clarity Keeping You Stuck?

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You are at Point A and you want to go to Point B, whatever that is for you. Whether it is in the area of health, career, relationships, self development, etc. Do you find yourself in this cycle?

  • Do you go back and forth with your decisions because you don’t know what to do?
  • Are you constantly struggling to find clarity to take the “right action” at the “right time?”
  • Do you find that a lot of time has gone by and yet not much has changed and you are still nowhere close to where you want to be?

If you answered YES, know that you are not alone.
Often times you may think that the reason you are not moving forward, is because of lack of clarity. That may be true – but only to an extent. There is, however, a deeper issue that may be masking this REAL problem.

So what’s at the CORE of why you are stuck?

Here are some possible causes:

1. Fear: This four-letter word has so many people living a mediocre, unhappy, robotic, passionless lifestyle. Fear can be all-encompassing, especially when it means change is involved. So, what are you possibly afraid of?

It could be a combination of several things. A fear of moving forward is a common one. Why would you be afraid to move forward? Well, possibly because you don’t know what lies ahead, you have never been to this new place you want to be in, and so your mind may create fearful “what if scenarios” … what if things go wrong, what if it impacts my loved ones negatively, what if … and the list goes on! It’s a sort of self-sabotage!

So, take a moment to be quiet, be honest and truthful with yourself and ask yourself…what is it within you that is afraid to move forward?

Once you truly, honestly address that root issue, you will find it easier to break this pattern of constantly not feeling sure, not being clear, not moving forward. Also, you may realize that it is NOT lack of clarity. In fact you may become aware that deep within you have always known clearly the vision you have for yourself, your life and exactly what you want, yet you have ignored it because of your fears.

2. Perfectionism: Another CORE reason you may refuse to take action, take a stand and make decisions is because you feel you want to ‘do it right’, you want to take the ‘best course of action’, you want to find ‘the best possible solution’, and the ‘right time’ to take action.

However, in life, there are very rarely those ideal situations when every little thing is just right and perfect for us to make the perfect decision. Life is not a straight clear cut path… have you noticed?

When you don’t take a stand, and stay in a ‘waiting period’ for a long time – not choosing to take any action – there is this constant internal inner tug-of-war that takes you nowhere and you feel tired, exhausted and stuck!

Instead, what if you could take a bit more relaxed approach?
Success is about taking risks, giving it a go, falling down and standing back up, learning from your experiences and moving onward and upward!

Note that your decision is your point of transformation!

What if you could make a decision from wherever you are right now, with the circumstance you are in, and give it a go? And course correct as you move forward? What if it wasn’t so bad? What if it worked out better that you expect? What if?

3. Not knowing how to make it happen: It is possible that you are stuck not because of fear or perfectionism attitude, but you just can’t figure out how to make it happen. You feel overwhelmed, anxious doing it all on your own. And so you don’t take any action.

In this case, what if you could reach out and ask for help from those that encourage and support you and your dreams? What if you get expert help so you feel guided, supported to take concrete steps to move forward? So a simple step to help you get going could be just asking for help!

Remember your life is truly a precious gift. Even though you don’t realize this consciously on a daily basis, we are all mortal beings. And every day we get to decide how we want to play this game of life! What will you choose today? Will you choose to play a full 100%? What can you do today to rise above your circumstances and take a stand for what you want? It’s all up to you!


  1. Very nicely​ written

  2. Yes I agree that I am stuck and unable to move forward so I decided to take help and rise above the circumstances.