Is Pain Ruling Your Life?

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Is Pain Ruling Your Life?

Pain is a universal experience.

At some point in our lives we all experience different intensities of pain. However, sometimes we reach a point when pain begins to take over and rule our everyday life!

Is this you?

  • Managing your pain is taking up most of your time and energy
  • You are trying all sorts of things to help yourself
  • You keep going to the same places for help even though you haven’t really seen any significant change but…
  • You have no clue what else to do!
  • More and more you feel restricted in the activities you can take part in because of the pain
  • Pain is now seeping into different aspect of your life too
  • You relationships with your loved ones is suffering because of it
  • You are not as productive in your work
  • You are feeling sick and tired of it
  • This is affecting your confidence and belief in yourself
  • You have reached your peak in tolerating this pain and reaching your breakpoint!

This is who I was 8 years ago! Pain was running my life until I was asked to quit my job and be on bed rest forever. My life came to an absolute standstill. I felt like Pain was my enemy taking away all the happiness and joy from my life!

How wrong I was!

So let me share with you below 3 key discoveries I made in my journey of breaking free from pain and breaking through to peace and much much more.

Discovery # 1:

Pain is simply a message from your body.

Your body communicates with you through the language of symptoms.

So Pain is like a text message from your body! And usually this message is not so much about what is going on physically with you, but about what is going on EMOTIONALLY INSIDE of you.

Most of us have little or no proper communication with our bodies. When our body whispers to us in small pain symptoms, we ignore those messages. The body then sends louder messages, with slightly more bigger symptoms. And when we keep ignoring that inside message and simply “treating” the pain it with things on the OUTSIDE, the body starts SCREAMING with much more STRONGER LOUDER PAIN and DIS-EASES.

So if you don’t listen and attend to that deeper pain message that your body is saying, lasting relief is not possible.

I could finally see how all my efforts in the past trying to “treat” the pain, “get rid of” the pain, “shut out” the pain hadn’t worked. It wasn’t abut the OUTSIDE, but what was going on INSIDE of me that needed healing.

Discovery #2

Your Emotions have a direct relationship with your Physical Pain

Old bottled up feelings, past hurts, angers, frustrations, fears, feelings of unforgiveness, feelings of lack of love etc all create a sense of discomfort or DIS-EASE within. Many of these old emotional conflicts don’t just fade away over time. We call them ‘un-processed emotions’. So when we think of a past old hurtful experience, and it still hurts right now as we think of it, we have un-processed emotions.

EMOTIONS are simply ENERGY in MOTION. So unprocessed emotions are trapped or blocked energy that was in motion. Over time all this BLOCKED ENERGY or Unprocessed Emotions overload your system down, deplete your immunity, and cause physical and emotional Pain (and DIS-EASE)!

Discovery # 3

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or “Tapping”

I discovered EFT online. A self help tool that is based on ancient chinese acupuncture technique. The process requires us to tune in to our disturbed feelings (past, current) while simultaneously “tapping’ with fingertips on key energy acupuncture points.

As I used EFT, for hours and hours and hours every single day,as there was nothing I could do anyway, being bedridden, cleaning, clearing, releasing layers and layers of old hurts, angers, upsets, feelings of low self worth etc. for over one month, I was free of my disease and my pain! I could see clearly how freeing up the ‘emotional blocks’ had freed my system from this overload. I felt light and free and at peace finally!

So If pain is running your life, and you’ve been trying all sorts of things and not getting the relief, its time to REFOCUS your efforts from outside to inside! It’s where the ROOTs of all our pain and suffering stem

The following definition of pain by Iyanla Vanzant sums it up accurately!
Pay Attention Inward Now!

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