Love Can Heal Chronic Pain!

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Heard the saying “LOVE conquers all?”

Well I truly believe it does!

In fact, I believe it is KEY component to healing CHRONIC PAIN too!

Let me explain.

You see I was in PHYSICAL CHRONIC PAIN 10 years ago. What started as a pin prick pain in my left rib, over time, was all over my upper body.

Medications, anti-inflammatory pills, injections, physiotherapy, ultrasound therapy, hot packs, cold packs, rib belt, neck support, even acupuncture, did nothing to take away the pain. In fact, the pain over many months got so bad, I was asked to quit my job and be on bed-rest indefinitely.

Emotionally, Physically, Mentally, Spiritually I felt my life came to a stand still.

Like most people in CHRONIC PAIN, I believed that because my pain was PHYSICAL, the solution was “out there’ – a balm, a treatment, a pill, etc… Like many who struggle with chronic pain, I believed I needed to search out there to find a fix.

And that’s what I did!
And nothing worked!
And I wondered with dread….”Does this mean I’m stuck for life?”

Today, I know better. After healing myself by myself out of my CHRONIC PAIN and my DISEASE (Costochondritis), I can see clearly….

It was the PAIN INSIDE.
I was OUT OF LOVE with my life back then.
I didn’t love or have any passion for my job.
I felt like I was slowly suffocating in my job.
At home, I was operating out of anger, frustrations, overwhelm as I interacted with my little ones, who were just 5 and 6 years of age then.
Wasn’t being a “loving mom,” felt more like a “monster mom!”
It was a vicious cycle of anger, hurt, blame, frustration, aggression and then…guilt and back again to anger.

I felt empty, drained, lost with no way out!
I felt no inspiration, excitement or eagerness for any area of my life.
I was going through the daily motions in a ROBOTIC style. And it only got worse.

Thankfully I got introduced to EFT TAPPING (Emotional Freedom Techniques) at a self awareness seminar. EFT is a kind of EMOTIONAL ACUPUNCTURE, where we “tap with fingertips” on key acupuncture points on our body as we tune in to what’s upsetting us, stressing us, hurting us.

As I began using the Emotional Freedom Techniques by myself, clearing out my then “current emotional stress” and the “old emotional hurts and upsets”, I began to feel lighter, freer, happier and my PHYSICAL PAIN significantly went down.

I was beginning to recognize the ASTONISHING POWER EMOTIONS play in our PHYSICAL pain and disease.  

Eager and excited I used this tool religiously over 2 months and as I trashed out the OLD STINKY EMOTIONAL CLUTTER which I didn’t even know I had,
I was able to completely break free from my chronic pain and my disease!

I was free of chronic pain!
I had healed myself, when the “experts” couldn’t.
I felt lighter and happier and more alive!
More peace day to day in my life, in my relationships, with myself.
The WELL OF LOVE WITHIN was filled up again!

I felt like a whole NEW ME!
I now knew why I was breathing.
I knew my path.
I finally knew my Life purpose!

For the very first time, I felt a deep sense of love and appreciation for myself.
It felt like returning home…to love…
…loving me, loving my life, loving my family, my path and my purpose.

So if you are in Chronic Pain, I want to ask you:


  • You took time to LOOK WITHIN instead of outside?
  • The PHYSICAL PAIN is simply RESULT of what’s going on within?
  • You had an honest conversation with yourself about which area of your life feels OUT OF LOVE?
  • You were able to take time to let go of all the PAIN inside?

What might be possible for you?

If you are reading this so far, maybe it’s YOUR TIME now?
Your time to let go of the anger, hurt or pain!
Your time to break free and not let the pain steal your energy, your power and keep you from love!