Magical Pain-Free Living MASTERY Path

Magical Pain Free Living Mastery Path!

Do you have new dreams for yourself?

You are here because you feel like you are ready to live the life of your dreams. You want to take your life to the next level. However, now that you do have new dreams for yourself new issues may be coming up for you

Is This You?

  • I have new dreams but I have all this negative chatter in my head
  • I am committed to my dreams but feel OVERWHELMED thinking I have to handle it all on my own!
  • I feel frustrated as I’m not moving as fast as I’d like to
  • I feel like I’ve tried everything on my own and still feel stuck
  • I’m sick and tired of going in circles and not pushing through to my dreams
  • I feel discouraged and sometimes I wonder if I will ever get there!
  • I really wish I had expert guidance so I feel supported and confident moving forward towards my dreams!

And that’s why we have the Mastery Path!

In this program I coach you directly on mastering the inner games so you can manifest your dreams.

There comes a time when you’ve gone as far as you can go on your own. And you realize that it’s costing you too much trying to figuring it all out on your own.

I’ve spent many years making many mistakes, and many hundreds of thousands of dollars out of my own pocket… investing in mentors, traveling to different parts of the world attending programs, retreats, seminars and buying online programs etc. to learn the secrets. But you can now carve off that time, the energy, the dollars in achieving your dreams!

I take UP TO FIVE private mentorship clients each year.

This is what we do together:

  • Develop a fresh new paradigm on which to base your dreams
  • Set clear intentions of what it is you want to achieve
  • Eradicate counter intentions that are not aligned with your dreams and are keeping you stuck
  • Super charge your intentions using emotions and visualizations
  • Identify and release old limiting patterns of thought and behavior that are impacting your journey forward
  • Learn a powerful quick and easy process to “tune in, tap out, turn on” to maintain ‘your daily shine’
  • Fine tune and raise your vibration so you attract all that you desire easily and effortlessly
  • Speed up the manifestation through the process of surrendering
  • Boost your sense of self worth so you feel worthy of receiving what you desire!

ali-ziani-headWorking with Shalini has been a revelation right from the start. The great feeling of letting go and pulling up your energy!

After working long term with Shalini, my life totally changed, a complete shift on all different aspects.

Beside all the amazing shifts I encountered, Shalini took me on an amazing journey that isn't easy to describe with words. Sometimes her little touch during our calls made the rest of my day a jewel to enjoy. Shalini opened my eyes to "the Divine" surrounding us, you could also call it Magic!

I wish to all who haven't had the chance to work with Shalini the chance to feel her love, passion and devotion, it is pure bliss. If I had to compare Shalini to someone she would be "my Angel". Her guidance is divine and the "Shalini effect" stays with you forever (its like a little voice guiding you everyday of your life)."

Ali Ziani
Managing Director
at MASS Digital,
Bangkok, Thailand


dimple-arora-headShalini has this wonderful quality of reaching out to you in a way that makes you feel safe so you feel free to express your deep-seated fears, insecurities, secrets…without the feeling that you are being judged. And this is such a blessing! Your heart, which is the center of both your physical and emotional bodies, is 80% healed in the process of expressing, of unloading.

Shalini’s healing secret lies not just in using the wonderful EFT technique but in her genuine and compassionate style.

With Shalini around, you just don’t feel like you are alone in this world and in this journey! Thanks for everything Shalini. I wish you all the success, fulfillment, abundance, peace and joy that you are helping to manifest for others in this world!

Dimple Duangthip Arora
Diet and Nutrition Adviser
Holistic Health Consultant,
Writer and Author

The Magical Pain Free Living Mastery Path

Acceptance into the Mastery Path requires an Assessment Interview, to evaluate your needs and to propose a personal program for mastering what’s most important to you now…

I only offer mentorship to candidates who are READY for the biggest breakthrough of their life.

If you BELIEVE you are READY…
And you FEEL the time is NOW to go for your dreams…
And your COMMITMENT is BIGGER than your fears…

Then complete the application form below. I will personally review your responses, and contact you for an interview if I feel we’re a good match and a coaching spot is available.