Success Stories

Success Stories


Shalini has given me the gift of believing in myself. A warm and gifted person, she has helped me with an amazing number of issues I'd kept suppressed for the longest time.

I've been surprised by the amazingly positive progress I've made during the time I spent with her. Learning to make peace with myself and starting to do things I had barely been able to do in the past few years have been gifts I've received during the process of working with Shalini.

All I can say is, thank you Shalini for guiding me and introducing me to a wonderful world I wasn't even aware existed.


New Delhi, India

When I was at a retreat in Bali in May everyone told me that I was such a soft person. I was really astonished because I always saw myself as a 'strong' person with lots of responsibilities. Now I had the possibility to see myself from a different perspective. Having to go this past summer to help my mum brought up lots of 'old stuff’ and the issue of "frozen shoulders."


As I learned about Shalini’s coaching program, I signed up and it is has been a wonderful journey.


You really do not need to step into all the details of your stories, Shalini knows exactly what to address, how to define it and how to let go, while feeling safe and trusting yourself. Each session had a different approach on how to address the pain and/or the emotion and she gives you tools which you can use as a daily practice to work with whenever something is showing up. Having the recordings of all the calls is beneficial as you can 'tap along' and put in your own words to whatever you want to address.


Thank you Shalini for creating this possibility and it has been wonderful working with you.


Desiree Gerretzen
Desiree Paula

A bit more than half a year ago, following a series of many unfortunate events in my life, I had reached a really low point. Emotionally, mentally and physically drained, I knew that I needed to find a way and the strength to change my life, and out of sheer desperation, I finally reached out to somebody and this person was Shalini. It was a very good decision indeed. Learning the “Tapping” Process is easy, but finding the right focus, words and solutions really needs a good guide and teacher.


Over the past 6 months, Shalini has helped me experience growth that for me alone was not possible. In a loving and compassionate manner, she has helped me to identify both the destructive behavior patterns that led to my subsequent bouts of bad health as well as the traumatic events and family history that contributed to the creation of these destructive patterns. Most importantly, Shalini has taught me how to change these destructive patterns and replace them with positive and healthy ones. In a short time, Shalini has positively influenced many aspects of my life. Even though I still have a long way to go before I am completely “over the hill”, I know I am on the right path.


I have now learned to identify and arrest addictive behaviors, replace negative thought patterns with positive self-talk and eliminate unhealthy and toxic behaviors from my life. I am practicing to becoming my “best self.” As a result, my life has improved and my career continues in the right direction. I totally attribute my growth in the last 6 month to working with Shalini.


The saying: “The sick mind doesn’t know that it’s sick.” Whether it is in your personal or professional life, Shalini’s incredible talent lies in her ability to assist you with identifying the source of your problem and pain or whatever it is that may be holding you back. More importantly, she accompanies you on the path of self-healing, and provides the tools necessary to complete the journey. That is Shalini’s gift to her clients. God bless!


Chris Struebi
Manufacturing Director, Asia, Apacet


Shalini is amazing. I was in a lot of pain with my hips, as I descended into that slippery slope of thinking pain was my natural aging process, I began to think I would have to have surgery like many others I knew.

I can see how people will trend towards a certain medical procedure. I began meeting lots of people who had hip surgery or planning for hip surgery. I was so worried this would be my future, too.


Shalini offered her program, I have always respected her work. I decided that there was nothing to risk or lose. From the first session, my hips improved dramatically. Not all immediately, but such a significant amount that I was left with the understanding that my pain could be managed, shifted or lessened. As we moved along the sessions, the pain in my hips was gone!Definitely not having any surgery. That alone is amazing.


I have become more aware of my body and its amazing capacity for healing. I am learning to take better care of my body with EFT...which is priceless. Thank you, Shalini!


Tonya R. Anderson
An Exquisite Life

Thank you Shalini for the EFT coaching! I really appreciated your insights on how our emotional pain affects all aspects of our lives. You are truly gifted in your work and your ability to get to the root of an issue.


You are an amazing example of turning your health around by addressing the emotions behind it. You are a beautiful, gifted soul & anyone would be truly blessed to be able to work with you - I know I have!


Jen Poulson

I would recommend Shalini's EFT to anyone who is feeling lost and/or low; who feels like they want a  solution they have been searching for and feel hollow or anxious inside.


I reached out to Shalini after years of trying to help myself.  I had tried different types of therapy and spiritual practice and while each and every thing helped, there was a missing piece of the puzzle that always set me back. I ended up feeling anxious, low, restless and vet confused.  There were patterns that were repeating themselves in my life and all the practice that I had undergone in one sense made it worse because I am half aware of my own denial and fear. There was this huge block in my mind that I was not fully aware of and that I dug my head inside the ground over.


Once I started EFT with Shalini I was simply amazed at how fast I was able to feel calm over  stuff that had upset me for  years: memories and events that I 'couldn't get over' because they seemed so unfair. I found peace as I moved from session to session.   I found working with Shalini different from every other program I had tried. This was a deep 1-1 mentorship.  I felt that she moved very intuitively to help me with deep seated and the most important issues that she felt I needed to clear out in the 90 day program. She totally customized each session such that it moved beyond EFT tapping in many instances, helping me delve deeper and deeper to get over deep fears and holding my hand through one of the most difficult issues of my life.


At the end, I felt calm, in control of my life, empowered and happy and confident that I mattered to me and I need to shine from inside. Oh it was magical and beautiful and I can never go back to being what and where I was.

If  you are on the fence deciding whether and if to go in for the mentorship, don't waste any more time.


The shifts I experienced (after thinking that I didn't really need any help having gone through counseling and spiritual practice) are a self evident proof  that I would want you to learn from.


The one on one mentorship helps to walk through your own stuff very tenderly and decisively and move forward with strength and positivity. Go for it. You will not regret it.


Anuradha, 46, India

dharini-divariI had been having this pesky, persistent cough for months. I tried all channels of conventional medicine, seen all the specialists, and was sick of taking course after course of antibiotics.


After the first session, I noticed a remarkable improvement. After the second time, the cough was all gone!!

Shalini’s warmth and compassion has helped me to open up and share with her my other fears, anxieties, and feelings of guilt. Together, we went as far back as my childhood to untangle all the emotional issues I've kept bottled up inside. Yes, even the ones I thought I've "moved on" from and "made peace" with.

Now, all the physical aches and pains -that had been coming and going- are all gone! I thank my friend who introduced me to Shalini, because I have been given a beautiful gift.

Dharini Divari
Voice Over Artist







During my introductory session with Shalini I learned how to use EFT to deal with knee pain, and my half-marathon shortly thereafter was pain free.


While that was impressive, it's nothing compared to how her program enabled me to deal with a lifetime of emotional clutter.

Each area of this program seemed to match perfectly with issues I was dealing with at the time, and now I have tools which I use daily to prevent emotional issues from taking a foothold and piling up. Most importantly, the EFT techniques Shalini used have allowed me to address older issues in a new way and free myself from their very strong grasp.

An open mind and a desire to live a peaceful life are the only requirements!

Andrew Chatman, MD
Mac n Motion

allison-postStruggling to deal with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and the many painful symptoms it causes, my dear roommate Claudia turned me on to EFT and Shalini.


Shalini helped me identify some “core issues”related to my IBS and and we did some tapping to “release” and let go of those negative emotions and I started to have pain-free days of no cramping or bloating!

During my work with Shalini I was able to make leaps and bounds in a positive direction. I found that the tapping was useful in other areas of my life as well- especially SPORTS!

As I began tapping away performance anxiety fears, I began rapidly progressing in my fitness goals. I was able to move out of a slump of fears and began running longer and faster. I was finally able to run stair and hill sprints for up to three hours at a time as well as complete pull-ups and chin-ups.

I am now confident that I'll mentally as well as physically have the strength and endurance to compete in my first adventure race. Thank you Shalini for helping me release my bricks and remove my blocks!

Allison Post
Teacher and Sports Coach

From YouTube Video on Tapping For Anxiety Relief

I just wanted to thank you for your videos! I love each and every one and have come to rely on them for a variety of situations I find myself facing. You have such a calming and compassionate spirit that really comes through on the videos.

Bh Willi


nadim-salhani-headI suffered from anxiety disorder for the past 15 years

...something that affected my business traveling and sometimes jeopardized my career. I tried Shalini's EFT with a lot of skepticism at first....but it worked.... I was surprised at how amazingly calm I became when I travelled underground on the MRT or took the lift to the 30th floor, when in the past, these issues where giving me a whole lot of stress, fear, and stomach tensions and anxiety. It is amazingly simple and easy...and it works ...Thanks Shalini!

Nadim Xavier Salhani
Group Managing Director,
Dunkin Donut and
Au Bon Pain Cafe (Thailand)

nilrat-premm-headAs a medical doctor for almost 20 years, when I fell ill with autoimmune disorder 10 years ago I discovered that mind over matters does have a big role on one’s well-being.

I called up Shalini and joined her Personal Peace Mentorship Program.  I was told that I would have to be very focussed and dedicated if this is going to work for me.

The step by step approach helped me clear most of the long buried emotional baggage which unknowingly had an impact on my health and my daily life. As I moved on with this program working on emotional issues, I started noticing a big changes in my outlook towards life. All in all, I have emerged stronger, wiser, and happier and healthier.

If you are in any state of chronic illness, pain and have no clue what else to do, try EFT with Shalini, it may be the KEY TO YOUR EMOTIONAL FREEDOM AND MAKE YOU DIS-EASE FREE!!

Dr. Nilarat Premmanisakul
Mobile Doctors Clinic,
Bangkok, Thailand


ram-raja-headI am really happy I found Shalini and grateful to have had the opportunity to be guided by her with the Personal Peace Program. It has helped me immensely in clearly identifying and releasing long-held negative beliefs and blockages that have kept ‘me’ from ‘me’. More importantly, her insightful and empathetic guidance has helped in arming myself with the right tools to a better, more empowered and connected place, a place which I am in now.

If you really care about understanding what is holding you back and if you want to make space for peace, prosperity, health and abundance to come into life, I highly recommend you give her a call. It has changed my life for the better. I believe it will change yours too.

 Krishna Raja
Managing Director, Digital 
IPG Mediabrands, Thailand

marc-ribail-headI’m deeply grateful to have had the chance to meet Shalini and follow her program at a point in my life when I was drifting away.

Shalini’s support and guidance with EFT has dramatically changed my life and allowed me to release my emotional blockages that I didn’t know were holding me back. I'm a better person and it is amazing to see how much of a better world surrounds me.

All is well in my world and you have shown me how to make sure it stays so! Thank you!”

Marc Ribail, MD
Samui Villas & Homes Co. Ltd., Bangkok

ali-ziani-headWorking with Shalini has been a revelation right from the start. The great feeling of letting go and pulling up your energy!

After working long term with Shalini, my life totally changed, a complete shift on all different aspects.

Beside all the amazing shifts I encountered, Shalini took me on an amazing journey that isn't easy to describe with words. Sometimes her little touch during our calls made the rest of my day a jewel to enjoy. Shalini opened my eyes to "the Divine" surrounding us, you could also call it Magic!

I wish to all who haven't had the chance to work with Shalini the chance to feel her love, passion and devotion, it is pure bliss. If I had to compare Shalini to someone she would be "my Angel". Her guidance is divine and the "Shalini effect" stays with you forever (its like a little voice guiding you everyday of your life)."

Ali Ziani
Managing Director
at MASS Digital,
Bangkok, Thailand

dimple-arora-headShalini has this wonderful quality of reaching out to you in a way that makes you feel safe so you feel free to express your deep-seated fears, insecurities, secrets…without the feeling that you are being judged. And this is such a blessing! Your heart, which is the center of both your physical and emotional bodies, is 80% healed in the process of expressing, of unloading.

Shalini’s healing secret lies not just in using the wonderful EFT technique but in her genuine and compassionate style.

With Shalini around, you just don’t feel like you are alone in this world and in this journey! Thanks for everything Shalini. I wish you all the success, fulfillment, abundance, peace and joy that you are helping to manifest for others in this world!

Dimple Duangthip Arora
Diet and Nutrition Adviser
Holistic Health Consultant,
Writer and Author

pacharee-pantoomanoMy experience working with Shalini has been life changing!

Being a mother of two toddlers I found myself becoming very impatient and frustrated.  I noticed I was using the same high pitch laden phrases my mother used to say to me that I didn’t like to hear.

Even in the first session with Shalini, I feIt such relief, like a brick wall had been knocked down, weights lifted off my shoulders and I literally felt lighter. As we dived deeper I was able to make peace with my childhood, my mother and offload the invisible emotional backpack I didn’t even know I was carrying around.

Now I tap about 3 to 4 times a day to release my daily stresses. I find that it helps me refocus and see the positivity in every situation. I find that I can stay calm around my kids, staff, clients. Also, instead of stewing in the car about being stuck in traffic or angry that the plumber didn't show up, I tap and release the negativity and within minutes I find that I'm alright with the world and the world is alright with me. Thanks Shalini!

Pacharee Pantoomano
Co-Founder and Marketing Strategy Consultant at

I do not have enough of the right words to describe Shalini's wonderful qualities.

EFT with Shalini is unlike anything I've ever experienced. She is a knowledgable, intuitive, and empowering guide and coach in the best possible ways. I'm certain that EFT with Shalini can help everyone - you just have to be open and try it!

Prathana Rebecca Knapp

Lawyer, Researcher, Translator, Writer, Editor

When I started my journey with Shalini, I was a wreck.

My husband with whom I sailed around the world for 15 years decided to go and live his own life. My self-esteem, self-confidence and self-love were down to absolute zero.

Thanks to Shalini’s program, I managed to "pick myself up". From a state of despair to being the person I'm today is a world of difference.

Thank you Shalini, you are an excellent guide to pain free living!

Ghislaine Bovy
Freelance Digital Marketing

EFT with Shalini is almost a miracle!

The tapping technique literally made my aching arm (from a sprain) feel much better within minutes and in fact got better over the next few days!

On another occasion, the tightness in my chest and my breathing was gone again within minutes!! I felt like a whole new person with not an inkling of pain or discomfort.  There is no reason to be in pain... when there is EFT with Shalini.

Katesarin S.
Executive Academic Director at Qonsultant - Educating Generations

The first session with Shalini changed the way I look at life.

She helped me realize that I can choose not to carry all the emotional stress and pain. I experienced almost an instant relief after a session with Shalini. EFT tapping with Shalini is very effective and definitely a recommendation for everyone.

Nippita Pukdeetanakul
Consultant at JNP Legal Co. Ltd., Thailand


After the session with Shalini I felt relaxed and released. The session helped me to ‘tap away’ blockages I held in both my body and mind… I felt that obstacles went aside… Shalini, with her comforting voice, endless patience and vast knowledge, gently led me to this feeling which I didn’t get to feel for long time…. I felt light… and open…. And it was wonderful!

Or-Yah (Maor) Avni
Wellness Professional, Director Pilates Studio

I am thankful to Shalini for helping me get over a difficult period in my life using EFT. I really think Shalini’s loving, warm and gentle personality was perhaps just as healing as the EFT tapping technique! I felt so much more able to deal with life after the session with Shalini and would like to thank her for showing me how to help myself.  Not every therapist is a healer, but I think Shalini is a gifted healer. This is a precious gift and I am so glad you recognized it and chose to help others.

Sumalee Viravaidya
Property Developer, Bangkok, Thailand

Shalini is an amazing woman full of life and vitality. Shalini is very passionate and dedicated to helping the people she works with. I recommend that you work with Shalini wholeheartedly. As a professional Speaker and Hypnotist I do not recommend people or treatment methodologies lightly. There are many therapies I would not recommend. However EFT has impressed me as being based on very sound psychological principles. Also EFT has an amazing track record of producing outstanding results in peoples lives. If you have any questions about Shalini or EFT you may email me at results@stephenseminar.comFebruary 12, 2010

Stephen Reynolds
Speaker, Sales Trainer, Thailand

My experience using EFT with Shalini has been life transforming!  It has changed the way I live and think. Whether it was my emotional or physical pain, EFT worked!! I was able to let go of old hurts and experience more peace in my relationships.  It’s easy and simple and works for so many issues as well- to  lose weight or reduce stress or just have more peace!  I recommend EFT and Shalini to all.

Komjak Prachumtong
Owner, Flexmedia Thailand

After some research and self study through the internet, I visited Shalini to learn more about EFT and to work on my anxiety “attacks” that I had strangely only at nights. While working with the tapping and Shalini’s guidance and patience, a lot of emotional reactions became clear and I could give them a place instead of pushing them away! Now I can use the tapping myself for this and other issues and I have to say that I did not have a restless night ever since my visit to her! Thanks Shalini it works great for me

Aleid Rijks
Mother and Housewife

I gave birth to my baby girl just over a year ago and went though months of all day sickness for 7 months. Not long after her birth I ended up having a break down which landed me in hospital. I am now pregnant again and had a fear of this happening again with my second baby. After tapping for only two weeks about it, my fears and anxieties completely disappeared never to return to my absolute delight! I am so grateful to Shalini, she made it so simple and easy to learn and for that I am forever in her debt, thanks Shalini!

Lee Dhepnorrarat
Mummy Mentor

I went for a session with Shalini with a sprained ankle and an injured wrist. I had been on crutches for a month after the sprain and had been wearing the ankle support. After the first session I could immediately sense a difference. I did not have to wear a wrist or an ankle support for the rest of the day or any day after that. Getting relief of this pain completely is a huge accomplishment. Thanks Shalini!

Krina Mehta
Student, Bangkok Patana School, Thailand

Soon after I attended your EFT Introductory Workshop, I was talking with a friend who was stressed and overwhelmed and sharing with me her deep sadness about  losing her mother to an illness. I explained to her about EFT and asked her whether she was open to trying it. She agreed. I tried the EFT tapping explaining to my friend  the tapping points location and then instructed her to follow what I said over the phone. After some rounds of tapping, my friend’s headache disappeared and she was feeling much lighter and was very surprised and thankful!

EFT is very proving to be a very useful tool for me and I feel so happy when I see that I can help other people out from their problems. Thank you so much Shalini.

Worakamol Thurdnampetch (Aon)
Event Organizer

I attended Shalini’s workshop to learn more about  EFT and to use it to help myself and my MLM colleagues who were feeling nervous and anxious about reaching out  to potential customers for fear of rejection. Shalini presented the information in very easy way to follow way and I could see the results in the workshop itself. As we worked on our stresses, I could feel a significant shift and feel more clarity about the issues immediately. Also, being a parent, I feel confident that EFT can help me stay more relaxed around my kids and be a better parent! I would like to thank Shalini for her guidance & support in EFT.

Khun Pimonkarn
Nu Skin Products

I had never heard of EFT but my life coach suggested I "give it a try." My experience with EFT and with Shalini was a life-changing experience. I had been suffering from recurring lower back pain and other "mysterious" pains in my chest and ribcage that traditional medicine couldn't identify. After going through a session of EFT "tapping" my pains were almost completely gone. I was able to fully alleviate myself of the back pain and significantly reduce my ribcage/chest pain. Through Shalini's gentle guidance  I felt comfortable to let go of the many negative emotions that were holding me back and thus causing my body to respond with pain. I feel so much freer and healthier. Tapping has now become a part of my daily life and its benefits continually amaze me!

Tracy Williams
Marketing Executive

My 1st contact with EFT practice was with Shalini, I was extremely surprised by her ability to get into the real issues especially those which are in the subconscious & which don't come to my mind frequently.

After the 1st session, I had an amazing feeling of comfort with the ability to have very deep breath. I was able to have clear positive thoughts. Go to bed with a smile & wake up with a smile. I remember the last time I had this sensation was 7 or 8 years ago. I'm becoming more aware of my feeling & how to deal with them. I'm extremely thankful to Shalini!

Faisal Khan
Area Manager, Unilever, Thailand

I had been suffering from a chronic upper backache for years. Within 4 sessions with Shalini, I saw major improvement not only in my upper back but also noted feeling more energetic, and in a much more positive frame of mind. I highly recommend her to everyone. It has been an amazing experience working with Shalini.

Renu Arora
Heidrick & Struggles, Thailand

I found the session with Shalini very effective. She very accurately traced my symptoms to issues that stretched back into childhood. Just recognizing these issues begins the miraculous healing journey on all levels especially the mental and emotional fields that in turn are affecting the physical. I felt like weight lifted off my shoulders and felt much lighter.

As a practitioner of natural therapeutic sciences, I strongly recommend all to do EFT.  A single session alone can help in trigger  the body's own healing process leading to an optimum state of health and well being. Thanks Shalini.

Sangeeta Sirinthipaporn
Owner, Natural Care Therapies Research and Training Center, Thailand

After session with Shalini, I became aware of how our mind and our emotions profoundly impact our health, our relationships and our success. As Shalini used EFT to work on some issues that were bothering me, I was able to feel relief quickly and feel more peace.  If you are on a journey to self development, I suggest you take a session with Shalini.  Thanks Shalini!

Dhevin Lewchalermwongse
Set Square Printing

I attended  Shalini’s EFT Introductory Workshop. As we worked on issues during the workshop, I felt so much lighter. It was also interesting to see how such a simple tool could bring pain relief quickly. Amazingly, other people attending the workshop were also benefiting along together without having to openly share each one's issues! It works wonderfully!

Stephanie Chauvel