Your Dreams and The Writing on Your Wall

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It’s an exciting time indeed.
New Hope, New Dreams, New Aspirations!

Interestingly, even though so many around the world start the New year with new resolutions, dreams, wishes, it seems like only about 8% of people achieve their dreams. 92% don’t. (that’s the stats! google it!)

WHY? Why don’t so many achieve their dreams?

When in this day and age when there is so much information out there, so many tools, resources, techniques, strategies, trainings available at your fingertips, why do such a staggering percentage of people not achieve what they want?

I believe a KEY REASON is because of the WRITING ON OUR WALLS!

You see, we all live in our “unique rooms with our unique walls”

When we are born, our “walls” are pretty blank. Like a clean slate.

As we go through life from infancy, childhood, school, college etc., we go through a variety of emotional, mental, cultural, social, physical landscape of experiences.

We start collecting “data”, consciously or subconsciously, based on our personal experiences, our interactions with parents, our teachers, other students, relatives, our religion, media and our “walls” get covered with all kids of “writing.”

So now as we move forward making decisions, creating new dreams for ourselves, consciously or unconsciously we all CONSULT THE WRITING ON OUR WALL!

We may dream…I want to make a million dollars
BUT … The writing on our wall (thanks to our own early experiences, or thanks to parents comments, teachers, movies, media, magazines, religion, etc.)  may be
“Rich people are mean and greedy”.
“it’s super hard to make a lot of money”
“People with Money are never happy. “

So even though your dream is to make a million dollars and you have tools, resources and strategies to make it happen, it doesn’t happen!

Some common examples of the Writing On The Walls…

So if your dream is:

“I would love to make a million dollars!” and the writing on your wall is:

  • No one in my family is a millionaire!
  • “what a joke!” you don’t even have what it takes!
  • “How the heck will you make this money!
  • “Dream on… its never happening!

Then Your Dream and The Writing on Your Wall are NOT ALINGED and achieving the dream becomes extremely hard.


  • I really don’t know how it’s going to happen…
  • But I know lots of people who easily make this money
  • And I know I live in an abundant universe
  • And that I am a child of the Divine, just like they are
  • If XYZ can have it, I know this is possible for me too!
  • I’m open to the idea that I CAN make a million dollars!

Now the Writing on the wall is ALIGNED (no resistance, negativity). And
the chances of you achieving your dream are way higher!

So I want to ask you:

Q1. What is Your Dream for this year?
Q2. What is the Writing on YOUR WALL about this dream?
Q3. Do you believe you are a child of God? Or the Universe
Q4. Can you try to shift the writing on your wall so it  ALIGNS  with your dreams?

You create your life, your dreams with your thoughts, beliefs, opinions.