VIP Retreat Day

VIP Retreat Day

What's a VIP Retreat Day?

It’s a private, one-on-one INTENSIVE to radically shift from feeling stuck in pain to a feeling of peace and clarity.

My work is all online and program based. But since I still get queries from readers and old clients who want to work with me privately, for a single session, to get rapid help, support, and guidance for pain issues, I created my “ VIP Retreat Day” Intensive for the person who wants INSTANT Support & Transformation.

Here is what we do in the “VIP RETREAT DAY”  (face to face online or in person)

  • First we identify and tap out the hidden blocks that are keeping you stuck in pain and release any feelings of unworthiness, unforgiveness and limiting beliefs


  • Next we install positive thoughts, feelings, beliefs that empower and energize you. You will also know EXACTLY what you need to do to maintain this peaceful, pain-free way of living.


  • Then we design your unique Peaceful & Prosperous Path for the coming year so you have clear direction and confidence knowing you can create the life you truly want for yourself –personally, professionally.

Success Stories


After the session with Shalini I felt relaxed and released. The session helped me to ‘tap away’ blockages I held in both my body and mind… I felt that obstacles went aside… Shalini, with her comforting voice, endless patience and vast knowledge, gently led me to this feeling which I didn’t get to feel for long time…. I felt light… and open…. And it was wonderful!

Or-Yah (Maor) Avni
Wellness Professional, Director Pilates Studio


My experience using EFT with Shalini has been life transforming!  It has changed the way I live and think. Whether it was my emotional or physical pain, EFT worked!! I was able to let go of old hurts and experience more peace in my relationships.  It’s easy and simple and works for so many issues as well- to  lose weight or reduce stress or just have more peace!  I recommend EFT and Shalini to all.

Komjak Prachumtong
Owner, Flexmedia Thailand


I am thankful to Shalini for helping me get over a difficult period in my life using EFT. I really think Shalini’s loving, warm and gentle personality was perhaps just as healing as the EFT tapping technique! I felt so much more able to deal with life after the session with Shalini and would like to thank her for showing me how to help myself.  Not every therapist is a healer, but I think Shalini is a gifted healer. This is a precious gift and I am so glad you recognized it and chose to help others.

Sumalee Viravaidya
Property Developer, Bangkok, Thailand


pacharee-pantoomanoMy experience working with Shalini has been life changing!

Being a mother of two toddlers I found myself becoming very impatient and frustrated.  I noticed I was using the same high pitch laden phrases my mother used to say to me that I didn’t like to hear.

Even in the first session with Shalini, I feIt such relief, like a brick wall had been knocked down, weights lifted off my shoulders and I literally felt lighter. As we dived deeper I was able to make peace with my childhood, my mother and offload the invisible emotional backpack I didn’t even know I was carrying around.

Now I tap about 3 to 4 times a day to release my daily stresses. I find that it helps me refocus and see the positivity in every situation. I find that I can stay calm around my kids, staff, clients. Also, instead of stewing in the car about being stuck in traffic or angry that the plumber didn't show up, I tap and release the negativity and within minutes I find that I'm alright with the world and the world is alright with me. Thanks Shalini!

Pacharee Pantoomano
Co-Founder and Marketing Strategy Consultant at


  • You are feeling SICK AND TIRED of being in pain and EXHAUSTED trying to help yourself
  • You want IMMEDIATE 1-1 support (over phone, skype or in person) to feel significant relief quickly
  • You’re willing to be honest, open and are READY to OBLITERATE the hidden blocks that are keeping you stuck in pain.
  • You want to feel light and free from the burden of pain and have a clear Peaceful & Prosperous Path as you move forward feeling in charge of creating the life you want.
  • You have always wanted to work with Shalini!

RESERVE YOUR SPOT  TODAY$ 3,000 (or a 3 payment plan available of $1,000 payments every 30-days, to get you in ASAP. Note, for the 3-pay plan, all 3 payments must be completed before the Retreat Day is completed with  me.)

Full Payment $3,000

3 Payments of $1,000 each, at 30-day intervals

Honestly, if you don’t feel that going on and on walking on your current path is costing you at least 100 times more, over the course of a lifetime, this is not an appropriate package for you!